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Marketing Specialist Resume Sample

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Jenna Thompson

Marketing Specialist


112 East 20th Street, NJ

Core Skills
Marketing Research & Strategy
Meeting And Event Planning
Project Management
Adobe Creative Suite
Social Media Management
Microsoft Office

Marketing specialist who achieves the clear vision without shifting attention to specific facts.

Varied skills vary from product development to analytical implementation and follow-up with end customers after release. Knowledge of technical frameworks with the capacity to transform and monitor constructive relationships with clients in an adequate way.


Lead Marketing Specialist
ABC Pvt Ltd

Purchase orders were produced and handled, quick projections were made, revised and shared to control task funds, remaining within five percent of the total cost.


  • Co-ordinated marketing strategies to support the financial services and products.
  • Worked as editor and guided the innovative course of action for monthly / quarterly newsletter.  
  • Generated and planned promotions aimed at rising the client base of the financial institution.
  • Conducted in-depth market studies to address main customer segments.
  • Project manager for marketing promotions and projects from planning to execution.
Senior Marketing Specialist & Social Media Management
ABC Pvt Ltd

Regulated and established significant packaging customers with over $15M sales turnover for bank clients . Directed frequent product meetings, helped with initiatives for special customer support. Engaged in client manager initiation contacts. Facilitated in orienting new professional candidates.


  • Arranged all email marketing promotions for precision, implementation and follow-up. 
  • Managed accurate readings of system information, obtaining and retrieval of client information.
  • Developed and supplied schedules for customers for promotional content and mail event development.
  • Using all checklists and quality management resources, securing ad reliability and prompt release of promotions, detailed and created precise customer promotional event marketing components.

Key Accomplishments

  • Combining market research & metric methods raised main viewers by 30 percent over the first year. 
  • Managed four social media strategies on Facebook, Twitter for RSP customers.
  • Studied prospective customers and built a list of over 4,000 leads.
Marketing Specialist
ABC Corp

Established and handled various production schedules to facilitate prompt implementation of marketing strategies, from the formation of the contract to the release of the project.


  • Built techniques for social and paid platforms for promotion and brand marketing.
  • Promoting the company and helping business development and achieving targets seek opportunities and strategies that will influence the growth of the company.
  • Help contribute the creation of promotional technologies guided by intuition, from the recognition of prospects to the concept of experience.

Key Accomplishments

  • Defines and assesses key performance metrics for websites, blogs and social media networks, contributing in a 101 percent rise in blog readers, a 45 percent increase in organic growth, a decline in bounce rate and a 25 percent rise in pages per visit, a 150 percent higher in downloaded material, a 35 percent average request rate and a 20 percent boost in conversion ratio.
  • Decreased operating costs by negotiating distributor agreements and consolidating inventory manufacturing and distribution to improve efficiencies and boost revenue by 15 percent.
Marketing Specialist
ABC Corp

In compliance with input from consumers, updated, revamped and remodeled promotions. 

  • Complex projects were conceived, built and directed from planning to execution.
  • Regulated the correct application of various methods and techniques for digital marketing.
  • Marketing techniques were successfully used to maximize check levels in stores
  • Figured out comprehensive report analytical information to track consumer purchasing goals
  • Encouraged partnerships with government agencies like colleges and medical offices
  • Operated large volumes of highly precise and coordinated study
  • Oversaw the control of traffic such as innovative print, ads, network and press possibilities.
Marketing Assistant
ABC Corp
Marketing Trainee
ABC Corp


MBA in Marketing
Northwestern University, Chicago
GPA: 3.9
Pace University, NY
GPA: 3.7


  • Reading
  • Traveling
  • Solving Puzzle Games
  • Playing Tennis
  • Baking

Digital Garage: Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Certification

Professional Membership

Association of Professional Marketing Club