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Real Estate Agent Resume Sample

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Robert J. Simpson

Real Estate Agent

Registered real estate agent with more than 10 years of residential and business sales expertise in the Atlanta region. Professional in organizing and implementing new client prospecting campaigns, enhancing the company's acquisition percentage by an estimate of 25% per year. Excellent at agreement proposal, negotiation, market evaluation, and customer assessment.


Real Estate Agent
Matthews Real Estate Investment Services, Atlanta, GA
  • Arrange files like representation agreements, purchase orders, closing declarations, and leases.
  • Complement buyers on real estate checks, instructing them on the appropriateness and valuation of the housing in light of existing market situations.
  • To boost sales tactics, hold quarterly conferences and instructional classes for sales representatives.
  • Provide advice to vendors on how to make their residences more attractive to prospective purchasers, with the goal of maximizing average sales prices by 16 percent over preliminary evaluations.
  • Examine mortgage alternatives to assist clients in obtaining funds at the finest rates and conditions.
  • To ascertain competitive market rates matched the latest properties to equivalent lately sold properties.
  • Promotions, open houses, various listing services, and other online marketing channels were used to strengthen property sales.
  • Contacted customers to evaluate what properties they are searching for and then generated lists of obtainable properties that met those criteria.
Real Estate Agent
New Western Acquisitions, Atlanta, GA
  • Maintaining dynamic real estate understanding by participating in conventions, evaluating listings, and reading trade publications.
  • Experienced in legal subjects pertaining to the property sales procedure.
  • Obtained records of properties that are consistent with buyer requirements and needs.
  • When contract terms are necessary to be agreed upon, schedule an appointment between purchasers and vendors.
  • Supervised closing methods and aligned real estate closings.
  • Compiled purchase contracts and leases were among the official documents.
  • Guided and recommended buyers throughout visits and verifications to guarantee satisfaction with the property's valuation and status.
  • To confirm a competitive market rate, analyze recent property prices to existing holdings.
  • To establish customer satisfaction, assisted them in deciding between financing choices.


Bachelor of Business Administration
Scheller College of Business, Georgia Institute of Technology,

Certification & License

Real Estate License: State of Georgia, 2022
Certified Real Estate Inspector (CRI)

369 Junior Avenue

Atlanta, GA 30342                     

Customer Service Skills
Microsoft Office Suite
Property market expertise
Lead Generation Skills
Negotiation skills
Interpersonal skills