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Realtor Resume Sample

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Benjamin E. Escalante


Responsive and proactive Realtor with a commitment to delivering exceptional client service. Highly well-versed in real estate practices, regulations, and markets. Determined to stay current on the recent property classifieds and trends. Bringing an optimistic outlook and a mindset devoted to assisting others in realizing their aspirations.


CIS Group, LLC, Fort Bragg, CA
  • Worked to confirm that all operations and activities were completed on time.
  • Before planning, collaborated with customers to know their requirements and desires.
  • Developed marketing research facts, bid presentations for purchasers and sellers, studied listings, and coordinated title queries and home visits.
  • Advertised sales; collaborated with over 50 websites to advertise seller's property, organized open house activities; and took part in various property listing services.
  • Created a constructive channel of information with agents, customers, lawyers, and all staff involved in the finishing process.
  • Enabled the ending method on behalf of the customers, ensuring that all contract requirements were fulfilled prior to closing.
  • Arranged equivalent market research, purchase agreement, and bargained property buying and selling.
  • Follow-up on the deposit procedure, coordination of contingency elimination of property verification, and prompt escrow ending.
  • To close the property buying for both sellers and buyers, utilized marketing and negotiating skills.
  • From contract execution to closure, organized and conducted a large number of tasks.
  • To complete home sales, worked with a mortgage broker and household inspectors.
Drew Nicoll Home Selling Team, Fort Bragg, CA
  • By juggling several customers and challenges at once, improved my time management and organizational skills.
  • Assessed ongoing and prospective real estate markets using numbers such as absorption cost, stock, and estimated market time.
  • Collaboration with lenders, escrow businesses, property inspectors, and all other essential groups to guarantee that all clauses of the purchase contract are fulfilled before closing.
  • Create, grow, and retain business connections with existing and future clients in my delegated territory/market sector.
  • Reflect real estate buyers and sellers ranging from individuals to corporations engaged in purchasing and selling housing or commercial estate.
  • Customers were advised on market dynamics, costs, mortgages, legal prerequisites, and other pertinent issues.


Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Development (BRED)
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA


Real Estate Negotiation Expert (RENE)
Certified Real Estate Inspector (CRI)

1304 Rose Street

Covelo, CA 95428                     

Contract Negotiation
Investment Properties
Property management
MLS database
Microsoft Office Suite
Communication skills
Customer Service