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High School Graduate Resume Sample

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Robbie Williams

High School Graduate

Motivated high school graduate with excellent interpersonal and organizing abilities. I'm excited to work as a Marketing representative at Ace Media Advertising. As the head of the Good Deeds Fundraising Committee, I was able to save the lives of over 2000 animals by collecting $5,000+ every year.


Good Deeds Fundraising Committee
  • With over 3,500 individuals, formed a crowdsourcing animal fundraising community.
  • Generated more than $2,500 for shelter animals.
  • Helped save the lives of 1,800 dogs, and cats.
Theatre Technical Assistant
Pasadena Playhouse County
  • Organized the practice and show arrangements for the production team of three one-week plays.
  • Established and administered the playhouse's social media profiles to promote shows and events.
  • Positioned and arranged seats, musical instruments and stands, speakers, backgrounds, and video displays.
  • Integrating lighting system by following the script on the lighting plan.
  • Providing lighting and soundboards for small events, as well as spotlights on a regular basis.
  • Throughout play rehearsal, modifying like re-aiming lighting and inserting or re-arranging mics.


Oxford Academy
GPA: 3.9

Supervisor, Highschool Yearbook Council

  • Directed and managed a 10-person staff in gathering 900+ pictures of 286 senior students, as well as 150+ noteworthy comments and other recollections.
  • Collaboration with suppliers resulted in an 18% cost reduction.
  • Developed a marketing strategy that increased revenue by 25% over the past year.

Outstanding Performance in Business Programs

  • With the academy's new business leader course, participated in five business subjects, involving bookkeeping, company law, and marketing.
  • Achieved a 4.0 GPA in all 5 major business subjects.

Leader, Debate club

  • Directed debate club to third place in the California interschool debate competition.
  • Trained and supervised 8 debate team mates in best practices, resulting in a 25% increase in debate performance in 3 months. 

Extra-Curricular Activities

Captain, Football Sports Team
  • In a very competitive state coached my squad to three interschool championship games.
  •  Trained 10 players by giving training sessions to improve their three-grid attacking drill, fast feet drill, a hard-to-low drill which improved their abilities by 35%.
  • Conducted regular exercises, drills, and training for a group of 40plus students.
  • Video recording and monitoring was well-organized resulting in a 25% improvement in efficiency.

111 Cleve street

CA , 91338

Problem-solving skills
Time-Management skills
Interpersonal skills
Marketing Skills