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Airline Pilot Resume Sample

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Jorge E. Carrico

Airline Pilot

Airline Pilot with over 2K flight hours in corporate and personal airplanes and an equipment score. Demonstrated knowledge of aircraft processes and upkeep, flight procedures, FAA guidelines, and pilot, flight technician, and instructor experience. Committed to offering safe and exciting aircraft experiences for both staff and passengers.


Airline Pilot
Clay Lacy Aviation, Van Nuys, CA
  • Every year, individually evaluate over 2K program candidates, choosing, coaching, and tutoring the leading 50 to become airline pilots.
  • Coordination of departmental processes, such as complying, planning, communications, and recordkeeping.
  • Redesigned training program to include current content, one-on-one coaching, and new verification methods. 
  • On over 750 airlines, we have maintained a 0% incident percentage while modifying rapidly to altering circumstances to guarantee the safety of our passengers, team, and planes.
  • Acknowledged for an on-period departure rate of 99 percent, surpassing the corporation average of 92 percent.
  • Promoted to pilot educator and tasked with revitalizing training program.
  • Consistently researched and enhanced procedures and expertise to improve proficiency.
  • Provide consistent communication with crew/passengers to guarantee departure/arrival timetables are encountered.
  • Constructed and reviewed multiple data references to confirm that all considerations for potential circumstances are classified.
Airline Pilot
Jet Aviation, Burbank, CA
  • Manage the airplane's secure and reliable procedure in collaboration with the flight staff.
  • Make use of my experience functioning sizeable complicated airplane and their related facilities.
  • When appropriate, take the accountability and power of the flight staff.
  • By preserving graphic interaction with both the flight deck and the cabin throughout emergency plans, I was able to gain situational knowledge and avoid possibly hazardous incidents.
  • Acknowledged for job performances by obtaining a tie clasp credential for identifying when a radio signal interruption happens on the frequency utilized.
  • Recognize all factors affecting airline safety, such as climate, aviation upkeep, fuel usage, takeoff/landing efficiency, and hazmat.
  • To accomplish a viable result, handle in-flight unexpected events appropriately.
  • Research sessions were arranged with trainee pilots to advise and evaluate for new recruit assessments.
  • Time and expenditure restraints were handled to verify that team effectiveness was complied with or surpassed.
  • Perfect pilot document, such as yearly aircraft reviews and rigorous simulator checking.


Bachelor in Aeronautics And Aviation Technology
California State University, CA


Commercial Pilot License (CPL)
Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)

4170 Wayside Lane

Fremont, CA 94538                     

First Aid Certificate
Collaborative Skills
Advanced Mathematics
Leadership Skills
Hand-Eye Coordination
Situational Awareness
Communication Skills
Aviation Operations
Pilot Training & Mentoring
Safety Protocols