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Food Service Resume Skills

Let's delve into each of these food service skills in detail and discuss how to mention them in a food service resume;

Customer Service

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  1. Customer service is a fundamental skill in the food service industry. It involves providing excellent service to customers, addressing their needs, and ensuring a positive dining experience.
  2. Showcase your customer service skills by highlighting instances where you went above and beyond to satisfy customers. Mention specific scenarios where you handled challenging situations professionally and improved customer satisfaction scores.

Food Safety and Sanitation

  1. Food safety and sanitation are critical to prevent foodborne illnesses. It includes knowledge of proper food handling, storage, and cleanliness to maintain a safe and hygienic environment.
  2. Certifications in food safety are valuable and should be highlighted. Additionally, mention your adherence to food safety regulations in your work, such as regular temperature checks, cleaning procedures, and hygiene practices.
  1. Having a comprehensive understanding of the menu is essential. It involves knowing the ingredients, preparation methods, and being able to answer customer inquiries.
  2. Emphasize your menu knowledge by describing your ability to make recommendations, explain dishes, and accommodate special dietary requests. Mention any training or tests you've completed to enhance your menu knowledge.

Order Taking

  1. Order taking is the process of accurately recording customer orders. It requires attention to detail and effective communication.
  2. Highlight your order-taking skills by noting your accuracy in recording orders, your ability to handle large volumes of orders during peak times, and any special techniques you use to ensure order accuracy.

Food Preparation

  1. Food preparation involves tasks like chopping, slicing, cooking, and plating dishes. It's about following recipes and ensuring consistency.
  2. List specific food preparation tasks you're skilled at, such as grilling, sautéing, or baking. Mention any culinary training or experience with different cuisines.

Food Presentation

  1. Food presentation is the art of making dishes visually appealing and constructing a memorable dining experience.
  2. Describe your attention to detail when it comes to plating dishes. Share examples of how your presentation skills have positively impacted customer satisfaction.

Cash Handling

  1. Cash handling involves managing payments, providing change, and ensuring cash register accuracy.
  2. If you've handled cash in your role, highlight your accuracy, honesty, and your ability to handle transactions efficiently.

POS Systems

  1. Point of Sale (POS) systems are used to process orders and payments. Proficiency with POS systems is crucial in food service.
  2. Mention your familiarity with various POS systems, especially if you've used them extensively. Highlight your ability to process orders and payments quickly and accurately.
  1. Promoting menu specials encourages customers to try new dishes and increases sales.
  2. If you've been involved in promoting menu specials, describe your strategies and any resulting sales increases. Mention your ability to upsell or cross-sell items.

Food Handling Equipment

  1. Food handling equipment includes tools and machinery used in the kitchen.
  2. List specific equipment you're skilled at using, such as grills, ovens, slicers, or fryers. Highlight any safety training related to equipment use.

Cleanliness and Organization

  1. Maintaining a clean and organized workspace is crucial in food service to ensure food safety and efficiency.
  2. Highlight your commitment to cleanliness and organization by describing your adherence to cleaning schedules, sanitation procedures, and how you've contributed to a tidy work environment. Emphasize your role in upholding health and safety standards.

Knowledge of Dietary Restrictions

  1. Dietary restrictions knowledge involves understanding various dietary needs, such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or allergies, and being able to accommodate them.
  2. Showcase your expertise in catering to dietary restrictions by providing examples of how you've customized meals to meet customers' specific dietary needs. Mention any certifications or training related to food allergies or dietary preferences.

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  1. Menu planning is the process of creating a balanced and appealing menu that meets customer preferences and budget constraints.
  2. If you've been involved in menu planning, discuss your contributions, such as suggesting new dishes, adjusting portion sizes, or pricing items. Highlight any improvements in menu variety or profitability.

Inventory Ordering and Management

  1. Inventory ordering and management involve monitoring food and beverage supplies, placing orders, and ensuring stock levels are adequate.
  2. Describe your experience in inventory management, including any software or systems you've used. Mention your ability to minimize waste, control costs, and ensure the availability of ingredients.

Quality Control

  1. Quality control in food service is about maintaining consistent food quality and presentation.
  2. Explain your role in quality control by providing examples of how you've upheld food quality standards. Mention any processes you've implemented to ensure consistency and customer satisfaction.

Effective Communication

  1. Effective communication is vital in the food service industry. It involves clear communication with customers, colleagues, and sometimes suppliers to ensure orders are accurate and customers are satisfied.
  2. Highlight your communication skills by mentioning your ability to take accurate orders, answer customer inquiries professionally, and collaborate with kitchen staff to ensure seamless service. If you've resolved customer issues or received positive feedback for your communication skills, include these examples on your resume.

Things to know when adding skills to a food service resume

When including these skills on your food service resume;

  1. Use specific examples: Provide concrete instances where you've applied these skills in your previous roles. For example, mention how you organized a kitchen workspace to improve efficiency or how you accommodated specific dietary restrictions for customers.
  2. Highlight achievements: If you've received positive feedback or recognition related to these skills, mention it on your resume. This adds credibility to your claims.
  3. Match job descriptions: Tailor your resume to match the requirements of the job you're applying for. Use keywords and phrases from the job description to demonstrate that you possess the skills needed for that particular role.
  4. Certifications and training: If you have certifications or training relevant to any of these skills (e.g., food safety certifications, menu planning courses), be sure to list them on your resume.
  5. Be concise: Keep your descriptions concise and focused on how your skills have benefited your previous employers. Use bullet points for readability.

When incorporating these skills into your food service resume, use action-oriented language and provide concrete examples of how you've applied these skills in previous positions. Tailor your resume to match the specific requirements of the job you're applying for, and be sure to include any relevant certifications or training you've received in these areas. It will demonstrate to potential employers that you possess the essential skills needed for success in the food service industry.

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