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How to become a yoga instructor

Yoga is a prevalent workout practice that aims to improve your strength and mobility, thereby having a spiritual, psychological, and personal influence on your life. If you appreciate the craft of yoga and are determined to help others, becoming an approved yoga instructor might be a great profession. In this guide, we will go over all you require to learn about becoming a yoga instructor, such as job qualifications, average salary, and requirements.

What is the job of a yoga instructor

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A yoga teacher directs students through yoga by assisting them in learning the proper technique for various postures. Yoga instructors might also offer general assistance to their students in aspects like yoga philosophy, nutrition, mindfulness, and breathing exercises. Yoga instructors can instruct group lessons, seminars, and one-on-one private training exercises.

Job market outlook

BLS classifies yoga teachers as fitness trainers and teachers. This group is expected to increase at a rate of 13% between 2018-2028, which is much speedier than the national average for all professions. It implies that yoga instructors must have solid job security and a variety of job options available to them.

Salary of a yoga instructor

Yoga instructors function in a range of shifts, which can involve full- or part-time hours. Yoga teachers in the United States make an average of $60,000 per year. A yoga teacher's remuneration is determined by their level of expertise, experience, geographical area, the type of lessons they instruct, and the several classes they have on their timetable. A yoga teacher's national average hourly wage is $30.91, with an income range of $7.25 to $76.00 per hour.

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Tips for becoming a yoga instructor

Here are the following tips on how to become a yoga instructor;

Practice yoga

Before you start your journey to becoming a yoga instructor, you must have a solid knowledge of the exercise. There are several various forms of yoga, and taking a course in all of these styles can assist you to decide which kind of yoga practice is ideal for you. Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Hatha are some yoga styles. The manner in which every style is instructed might also differ depending on who your teacher is and where the course is conducted. To enable you to obtain your exercise and teaching method, you must try a few unique styles of yoga instructed by different teachers in multiple places. You could also choose the latest yoga teacher to serve as your coach and advise you through the procedure.

Take a training program

The next phase is to sign up for a teacher education course at a certified yoga school that adheres to the Yoga Alliance's regulations. Yoga teacher training courses are available at two levels. The initial level of authorization is a 200-hour training, and the second level is a 500-hour course. If you know what you would like to do after becoming an approved yoga instructor can often benefit you to decide which course level is best for you. Courses in physiology, anatomy, and teaching methods are included in both course levels. You may choose to pursue a credential in a specialized field concerning the basic authorized yoga instructor training programs. For instance, specialty qualifications involve registered children's yoga instructors and authorized prenatal yoga teachers. If you recognize you want to focus on a particular group, such as kids or pregnant women, then check the necessary certifications.

Get Certified

The authorized yoga instructor qualification is a globally renowned certification that proves you have complied with the Yoga Alliance's minimum requirements of yoga practice. You must have finished at least the 200-hour level authorized yoga school training course and spend a $50 registration fee and your yearly $65 charges to obtain your RYT certification. A $50 application fee is necessary to update your credential to the RCYT and RPYT specialized designations.

Get your CPR certification

If you would like to instruct in a health or fitness club, you should be accredited in CPR. Teachers at health and fitness facilities are typically required to be CPR certified to answer to a medical emergency.

Select the type of yoga instructor you choose to be

Yoga instructors come in a variety of styles. Some yoga teachers target particular groups, whereas others hold lessons in precise spots. For instance, yoga instructors may choose to identify a specific market, like offering yoga training to professional athletes, or they may wish to teach courses through a yoga studio or virtually.

Start teaching courses

You are now prepared to instruct yoga lessons on your own. You can begin by providing yoga sessions and events to your friends, relatives, and other network contacts in your community. It is critical to define yourself as a specialist and charge a cost for your classes when organizing these events. You can also start instructing courses at local yoga centers, gyms, and other health clubs.

Keep your certifications

To keep your yoga instructor credential, you must finish ongoing training courses and pay your yearly fee. You might have to accomplish continuing schooling or renewal classwork to retain your CPR approval.

How long will it take to be a yoga instructor

The time it takes to be an approved yoga teacher differs depending on your previous expertise and the training course you pick. Before starting a training program and becoming a qualified yoga teacher, an individual must have a few years of individual expertise in practicing yoga. You will then be able to select either a 200 or 500-hour training course. The 200-hour course usually takes three to five months to finish, whereas the 500-hour course might take around six months to a year.

What skills are required to become a yoga teacher

Your knowledge and experience should fulfill the minimum requirements formed by the Yoga Alliance Standards to become an authorized or approved yoga teacher. Undertaking a 200-hour or 500-hour training program through an authorized yoga school, paying the application fee, and taking ongoing education classes to maintain your credential updated are among the prerequisites.

What are a yoga teacher's workplace conditions like

Yoga instructors can operate in several settings, such as local yoga studios, fitness clubs, and other similar businesses. They might even offer yoga training via online classes. A yoga instructor's shifts also vary depending on where they perform and how many lessons they have arranged. A yoga teacher's shifts may involve days, nights, weekends, and holidays. Yoga instructors can work full-time, part-time, or independently. Yoga teachers have the advantage of working in calming, relaxing surroundings and often have high job satisfaction considering the nature of their work.

What is the Yoga Alliance

Yoga Alliance is a governing organization for yoga schools and instructors. There are several other registered groups around the world, but Yoga Alliance is the largest and most widely used. As stated on their website, Yoga Alliance doesn't authorize schools and is not a certification entity such as schools or other sectors. While they do not authenticate the schools, they do operate in certain aspects like an accreditation body. To enroll with Yoga Alliance, you must first join a training provided by a Yoga Alliance-registered school, and the instruction must be led by Yoga Alliance-registered educators. Yoga Alliance has a collection of guidelines that every school must obey and submit their syllabus to Yoga Alliance for their instruction to be authorized. For instance, they might request a definite length of time for Anatomy, Exercise, or Methodology. Yoga Alliance offers a variety of registration qualifications that correspond to how training is usually delivered.

What is the distinction between 200-hour, 300-hour, and 500-hour yoga instructor training

Several people have expressed confusion about these training classes. So, many people believe that you can begin with either a 200-hour or 300-hour program, but a 300-hour yoga training course must only be finished after a 200-hour yoga teacher instruction. A 500-hour certification combines a 200-hour and a 300-hour yoga teacher education. Generally, students will complete a 200-hour course first. The 200-hour course could be centered on one style of yoga, like Vinyasa or Hatha, or it could be a multi-style yoga instructor training. If the school is certified by Yoga Alliance, it doesn't make a difference if the training has a particular emphasis. Yoga Alliance will only acknowledge a '200 hour' training as they will not distinguish between Vinyasa and Hatha training.

What is the distinction between RYT and CYT

RYT represents Registered Yoga Teacher and is unique to Yoga Alliance, whereas CYT is an overall designation. If someone is outlined as a CYT-200, it means they have finished a 200-hour yoga instructor training, but they are not essentially mentioned in the Yoga Alliance database.

Is it worthwhile to pursue online yoga teacher training

It's entirely dependent on the training classes you're considering and who the lead instructors are. A few yoga enterprises simply produce training classes without giving much hands-on expertise, customized advice from instructors, or even top-notch education. These types of training classes are generally sold for less than $500 and are geared toward those who want a rapid and pseudo yoga teacher credential rather than those who would like to understand the background of yoga, appropriate asana technique, and instructing approach from a seasoned yoga teacher, or yogic breathing exercises. 

How to become a certified yoga instructor

It is determined by the type of teacher certification you seek. If you want to get a Yoga Alliance trainer credential, you should do your yoga teacher course with an authorized yoga school or the Yoga Alliance. However, getting your teacher credential from YA is not required because it is a private institution that is not linked to any government prerequisites to train yoga. Instead, find a yoga school with a long history of success and enroll in their 200-hour yoga instructor education course. This course will entail all of the fundamentals of yoga, including yoga philosophy, the Yoga Sutras, instructional methods, and human anatomy.

How long does it take to complete yoga teacher training (YTT)

A 200-hour yoga instructor training course must last 200 hours, and a 500-hour training must last 500 hours. In-person training lessons usually have a beginning and finishing date. Most online courses enable students to operate at their own pace, but some may have a specific date. Self-paced schools may also have an expiry date.

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