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Yoga Instructor Resume Sample

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Sherry L. Reyes

Yoga Instructor

Professional and devoted yoga instructor proficient in power and rejuvenating yoga. Looking an entry-level yoga teacher role at ABC Yoga Studio where I can use my leadership skills and yoga knowledge.


Yoga Instructor
Greater Burlington YMCA, Burlington, VT
  • To guarantee that all learners are encouraged, initiate the beginner's, experienced, and advanced lessons with an optimistic introduction.
  • To sustain a healthy environment, assist students as a class and separately to correct asanas, breathing exercises, and stretches.
  • Handle and lead beginner, seasoned, and advanced lessons three times a week for 60 minutes each.
  • Retained and guaranteed that the studio was completely tidy, completely filled with machinery, and ready to go before the start of every class.
  • Every day, I answered 36+ student queries about class meetings, posture adjustments, and breathing processes.
  • Every class meeting of up to 30 students was supervised to guarantee secure yoga practice.
  • By participating with students and sustaining a professional yet convenient environment, you can offer outstanding client support before, during, and after lesson.
  • Coached thorough sessions on both physically and psychologically, emotional, and spiritual facets of yoga methods as a foundation for physical strength.
  • Designed specialist skill set with manual modifications or "hands-on" supports in conventional Ashtanga Yoga and modern educational techniques.
Yoga Instructor
Killington Resort, Killington, VT
  • Encourage the students to inculcate inner and outer strength and wellbeing as an aspect of the Core Yoga Features Course with vibrant, deliberate, and insightful patterns.
  • Actively cultivate connections with students to assist them in becoming their ideal selves.
  • Take part in a karma yoga session to offer food, clothing, and assistance to impacted populations to assist them in establishing confidence and a sense of community.
  • Cooperate with trainers to generate an atmosphere that nurtures continuing students' progress, both physical and spiritual.
  • Develop rapport with students by making yourself accessible before and after lesson to respond to questions and identify issues.
  • Prompt new students to visit the studio by using social media and word-of-mouth.
  • Instruct students on adequate pose synchronization and implementation while keeping the class exciting and interesting.
  • Devised a loyal following of students, other yoga teachers, and fitness enthusiasts who continuously come to class and influenced students to pursue a vocation in teaching.


Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education
Norwich University, Northfield, VT


Certified Personal Trainer
Yoga Specialty Certification
Advanced Personal Training Certification (APT)
Group Fitness Instructor
First Aid, CPR and AED Instructor
Yoga Instructor Certification - Level I

1733 Essex Court

Colebrook, VT 03576                     

Stretching Techniques
Lesson Planning