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Fitness Instructor Resume Sample

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Charles J. Johnson

Fitness Instructor

Fitness Instructor with a sincere dedication to personal exercise via specialized fitness classes. Capable of assisting persons of varied capabilities in achieving their exercise targets in a safe and supportive atmosphere. Excel in encouraging exercise routines for people of all ages.


Fitness Instructor
Hackberry Creek Country Club, TX
  • Encourage individuals to keep up the motivation while watching and instructing them about adequate form and breathing methods to reap the most advantages.
  • Work with the owner to create new fitness programs on a regular basis, with an emphasis on synchronizing a range of motions for every muscle group to create a thorough whole-body fitness regimen.
  • Evaluate participants' progression and mobility, assess their talents and fitness level, and adapt the schedule or suggest appropriate activity substitutions to ensure continued improvement.
  • Conduct the routine while maintaining the right form, and watch participants notify them of any necessary corrections.
  • Managed new customer enrolment efficiently, leading to the opening of a new facility.
  • Offer dietary analysis, education, and outside tools to help customers achieve their fitness goals.
  • Developed and executed tailored fitness activities to meet the requirements of students and employees, such as for overweight, age-related ailments, and strength exercises.
  • By introducing correct lifting and exercise practices, I was able to confirm the well-being of both learners and staff personnel.
Fitness Instructor
Movement Management LLC, Dallas, TX
  • Deliver motivational courses for gym members that not only push them but also inspire them to return.
  • Establish a welcoming environment for people of all fitness skills to participate in group training.
  • Empathetically listens to each member's problems and accomplishments while imparting knowledgeable insight on the steps they might take to reach their objectives.
  • Constantly seeking for fresh ideas to add diversity to members' workouts, and studying up and emerging fitness patterns and styles.
  • Develop, organize, and plan health and wellbeing initiatives and events.
  • In the fitness center, I facilitated greetings, an excellent outlook, and assistance with exercise ideas and adjusted routines.
  • Provide a healthy and sanitary training surroundings at the fitness facility as a coordinator.
  • I designed and taught a 14-week group training session centered on bodyweight movements.
  • Oversee the cleaning and general upkeep of the spin cycle class room.


Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Studies
The University of Texas at Dallas School of Interdisciplinary Studies, TX


IFPA-Certified Sports Nutritionist
IFPA-Certified Personal Trainer
CPR Certified

3185 Fancher Drive

Dallas, TX 75201                     

Strength & Conditioning
Bootcamp-Style Workouts
Customized Exercise & Diet Programs
Cardiovascular / Endurance Training
Nutrition Counseling
Group Fitness Coaching