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Lifeguard Resume Sample

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Robert Fleming



225 Terry Lane, New York

 A diligent self-starter, committed to improving health literacy, willing to develop strategies and organize efficiently to achieve numerous tasks. A strong communicator with the potential to enhance team to accomplish their potential while achieving shared objectives. Experience transferable skills in physical development and private lessons.


Head Lifeguard
ABC Company
  • Examine practices to identify threats, disruptions, or security infractions in designated areas.
  • Instructing swimming clients and communicating facts on safety precautions.
  • Analyze wounded individuals and perform first aid or CPR using training and medical equipment.
  • Inform the Aquatics Supervisor of any extremely dangerous components of the facility.
ABC Company
2013 - 2016

  • Provide individuals with safety details before they participate in a water sport.
  • Supervising swimmers to make sure that they dive within the safety guidelines.
  • Monitor hazards or future threats and implement proper safety steps.
  • Monitor and track uncooperative conduct and remove people who do not adhere to behavioral procedures.


High school diploma
Bronx International High School


CPR Certification, New York State

First-Aid, New York State

Good Work Ethnic
Microsoft Office Programs
American Red Cross CPR/AED Certified
Customer Service
American Red Cross Lifeguard Certified