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How to write a nail technician cover letter

If you're searching for an artistic job in the beauty sector, take into account becoming a nail technician. When utilizing this position, you may send multiple application documents, along with a cover letter that highlights your work experience, qualifications, and training. Knowing how to write an effective cover letter can assist you in convincing the potential employer and landing an interview.

What is a nail technician

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A nail technician, also known as a nail tech, is a beauty specialist who shapes, styles, and enhances the looks of their customers' nails. They may provide services such as implementing gel or acrylic items to a client's nails to enhance or strengthen them. They usually paint real and acrylic nails for an extra charge and may involve artistic designs. Other professional responsibilities may entail;

  • Offering hand massages to customers
  • Filing and fixing damaged nails
  • Recognizing skin problems on the hands of the customers
  • Keeping nail resources organized and stored

When operating with a customer, nail technicians might consider many factors, such as where the help is positioned on the nail, how well the nails fit the customer's hand, and how to connect and complete them smoothly. It might entail following a specific series of instructions to guarantee that all nails are of consistent reliability and accuracy. To practice their expertise and organize for the duties of this position, nail technicians typically obtain official instruction from a cosmetology school course. They are found in nail salons and spas.

Things to include in a nail technician cover letter 

A cover letter contains a few elements that can enable you to demonstrate that you are a professional applicant for a role as a nail technician. Here is a list of information you can include in your cover letter while applying for this position;

Contact details

A cover letter header section generally involves contact details like your name, phone number, and email address.

Reason for applying

A cover letter's foremost objective is to offer a more in-depth conversation about why you're keen on the job and what makes you a solid applicant for the job.

Job experience

Since your job background may be included on your resume, a cover letter enables you to illustrate how your past job expertise may have responded to your training for the potential position.


You can also describe any proper schooling or training you've obtained to be a nail technician in your cover letter.

Relevant skills

The application letter can also be used to highlight extra skill sets or proficiencies that enable you to carry out your official responsibilities and offer stable and effective service for customers.

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Tips for writing a nail technician cover letter

Here's a checklist to help you prepare the nail technician cover letter;

Provide a header section

Add a header with your name, contact details, and email address when you start composing the cover letter. Also, include an URL to an online portfolio or social media profile that illustrates your job as a nail technician in the header section. It may be necessary to incorporate such details so that your hiring manager understands how to contact you if they want to schedule an interview or check up on your application.

Describe yourself

After adding your contact details, the initial paragraph of the nail technician cover letter can be used to present yourself to the hiring manager with a straightforward and self-assured description of who you are as a specialist and the role you're pursuing. A cover letter is an essential part of an application since it enables you to provide more of your individuality and unique voice than a resume does. Reassess the job requirements before writing the initial statement to attain a better knowledge of the hiring manager's expectations and what they're searching for in a suitable candidate. Take note of any key phrases or precise qualifications they list so you can include them in your cover letter if relevant. It can guide you to start the letter by displaying that you comprehend the position and can effectively satisfy its duties.

Mention your practical experience

While your job background may be included on your resume, a cover letter allows you to offer a comprehensive discussion of your industry experience, and convey how your former job responsibilities and activities may have equipped you for your potential role as a nail technician. If you have prior experience in this field, integrate the organization names you worked for and the length of time you spent there. Provide any particular methodologies you discovered from past roles and any professional stories demonstrating your corporate knowledge.

Highlight academic background 

Consider including any official schooling or training you have received related to becoming a nail technician in terms of job experience. To be ready for this vocation, these individuals generally join nail technicians at cosmetology institutions, which usually require 300 to 600 hours of instruction and class time to finish. It implies that, based on the course and whether they participate part-time or full-time, they can accomplish their specialized qualifications in three to nine months.

Emphasize relevant skills

Including your hard, soft, and industry-relevant skills in the cover letter to convey why you're the best applicant for the job. You can involve any qualifications or characteristics that the manager outlines in the job requirements in the cover letter. Here are some examples of skills you could include in your nail technician cover letter;

  • Customer service. Although nail technicians function one-on-one with clientele to give them nail treatments, customer service skills can be essential. Such skills can also assist a technician in providing the service level desired by the client, which can support the nail salon and enhance its credibility among clients.
  • Artistry and creativity. These specialists could depend on their artistic and creative abilities to generate unique nail designs and color schemes. Because some customers may not recognize what color scheme or style they chose, it may be the stylist's job to develop something that complements the individual's design and attributes.
  • Communication skills. Nail technicians may converse with their customers, workmates, and employers, so solid communication skills can enable them to communicate with everybody in their workplace. It can help them comprehend their customers' patterns and nail priorities.
  • Patience. Nail technicians may have to cope with undecided clients, which requires patience and the ability to understand. They might also depend on their patience when diligently inspecting nails for any errors or specifics that can be improved to provide reliable, top-quality services to the clients.
  • Attention to detail. Based on the complexity of a customer's nail styles and size, these experts may need to focus a lot on their high level of precision to provide consistent and effective services.

Proofread and edit

After you've finished your final version of the nail technician cover letter, go over it again and review it for any wording, or grammar errors. If you want to get responses from someone else, ask a friend or acquaintance and solicit their comments and constructive criticism. Sending a mistake-free file can demonstrate your attention to detail and exhibit to the hiring manager that you are serious about the job application process and role.

Nail Technician Cover letter Example I

Dear Employer,

As a competent, service-related professional with a certificate in Cosmetology from ABC Beauty School, I am convinced that I'd be a valuable asset to your staff at Phoenix & Nailbea Salon as your next Nail Technician. I invite you to evaluate my attached resume, which details my experience and qualifications.

My experience includes offering manicure and pedicure services to diverse customers while maintaining exceptional client contentment and loyalty. My past roles have led to a large number of repeat customers and huge revenue progress due to my outstanding service level. My remarkable communication skills, attention to detail, and potential to always fulfill customer wants and demands are certain to make a lasting impression on your salon.

Following are the features of my experience and skills;

  • In successive technician roles with Floral Dazzle Spa and Prima Acrylics Nails, I provided excellent nail assistance by addressing customers' requirements, shaping and leveling nails, removing and implementing polish, and gathering payments.
  • Keeping the workplace clean and hygienic while complying with public security and wellness standards.
  • Constructing satisfying and long-term client relationships via technical knowledge and my pleasant, approachable behavior.
  • Working efficiently and cooperatively with coworkers to create optimistic and resourceful surroundings.

I am keen to introduce my proven record of incredible customer service to your firm and verify excellent client experiences. I am confident that I will meet your requirements for this job and boost customer satisfaction. I'm looking forward to talking more about the role in detail.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Trudy J. Bonetti

Nail Technician Cover letter Example II

Dear Employer,

I am very enthusiastic to submit my job application for the role of Nail Technician at The Nailex and Beryl Spa. With my 5plus years of nail care expertise and enthusiasm for outstanding customer service, I am confident that by incorporating me into its group of nail technicians, Nailex and Beryl will prosper significantly. 

As my enclosed resume demonstrates, I can ascertain what a customer needs in terms of nail facilities and successfully give it to them. Not only am I skilled at painting nails and creating custom nail designs for customers, but I am also competent at conducting grooming services like manicures and pedicures.

In relation to my expertise and specialized training, I can offer your company a diverse set of hard, soft, and industry-specific skills. I have attention to detail and coherent outcomes, but I also provide the best customer service and customized treatment to all of my clientele and newcomers to the salon. I depend on my effective communication skills to confirm that I give the customer what they want, and I only give my viewpoints or perspective if the client wants affirmation or guidance.

Thank you for your consideration and time. I hope to hear from you soon and am accessible by phone or email if you do have any queries regarding my job application. 


Trudy J. Bonetti

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