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Nurse manager skills: Resume and cover letter

The role of nurse managers in a hospital is essential. They are in charge of a variety of responsibilities at work, including hiring nurses, running daily activities, and more. One of the factors why many hospitals run as efficiently as they should is because of their involvement. To guarantee efficient operations, nurse managers assist healthcare establishments in managing their human and financial resources. Their team's efforts can establish secure settings that provide high-quality patient care. There are several nurse manager skills to acquire if you're pursuing this medical leadership position.

What are nurse manager skills

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Nurse managers need certain talents to carry out their jobs, which are known as nurse manager characteristics. These features help organize and manage personnel and resources. And they demonstrate to prospective employers how much value you can provide to their organization when you begin your job as a nurse manager. For individuals who are currently in a position to advance and perform their duties more effectively, nurse manager abilities are also crucial. Here is the list of nurse manager skills to include on a resume and cover letter;

Conflict resolution

Nurse supervisors monitor a group of nurses and occasionally assist individuals in resolving disputes with coworkers or patients. Solid conflict resolution abilities may enable nurse managers to resolve issues at work and promote teamwork. In the medical field, it's fundamental to choose the best course of therapy for patients, despite potential disagreements among teammates.


The ability to mentor and encourage new nurses is another talent held by nurse managers. They can provide knowledge and understanding from their expertise to others just starting in the nursing profession. It may also entail instructing their staff members on how to advance in the medical field.


The considerations that nurse supervisors undertake throughout the day are constant. When making choices, they ensure that they follow rules and policies and are in line with the long-term objectives of their firm. Decision-making skills enable individuals to decide rapidly, which is significant in the quick-paced healthcare sector.

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Nurse managers ought to retain a professional demeanor because they speak for their staff and institution. It can be accomplished by making sure that everyone on your team constantly abides by corporate rules and shows consideration for others.

Time management

Those in nurse management roles can perform the tasks and foresee the demands of patients and doctors throughout their shifts thanks to their effective time management skills. Such quality enables nurse managers to guarantee that their staff satisfies all patient criteria. Additionally, this might assist in daily resource management for their company.


For nurse managers, the capacity to change within the healthcare sector is a crucial trait. It's necessary to keep up with developments in this discipline and to be open to experimenting with alternative approaches. Flexible people are usually better equipped to cope with unpredictable events. Adaptable nurse managers can better communicate with their staff and provide an example of how to handle changes.


Dedication to excellence is a common trait of effective nurse managers. They can have an impact on their team by showcasing their passion to give patients high-quality care. Devoted nurse managers are also more inclined to look for prospects for ongoing professional growth, which can enable them to mentor other nurses on their team.

Tips for enhancing nurse manager skills

The following techniques will help you improve your nurse manager skills;

Set a target

Check your existing skills to identify any you want to improve on or see if any other traits might be useful for your job. Create a goal for what you want to achieve after deciding which skill you want to develop. A timeline for when you expect to build it and a list of action items, like reading a relevant book.

Seek a coach

Discovering a coach for yourself is just as necessary as being a nurse manager's guide to your team. You can look for experts whose leadership qualities and nursing management abilities you like and ask if you can follow them. You can observe their interactions with patients and other team members through this.

Become a member of an industry association

Participating in a specialized group like the American Organization for Nursing Leadership is another option to advance your abilities as a nurse manager. You may be able to participate in professional gatherings and build your leadership skills through these associations. Being a part of a professional organization might also allow you to volunteer and develop your leadership skills outside of the office.

Take part in training sessions

Consider enrolling in conferences or workshops outside of ongoing training opportunities offered by a professional organization. These can be finished in person or over the phone. Think about your areas of improvement or potential skill-depth needs when seeking training.

Pointers for highlighting nurse manager skills

Here are some suggestions on how to display your nurse manager abilities;


You can list your best skills in your professional summary when creating your resume. It can make it easier for the recruiter to decide right away if you have what it takes to fill this kind of leadership position. Additionally, you can use bullet points to give a long list of your expertise. You could quickly discuss the abilities you relied upon to carry out particular job responsibilities when writing the employment section.

Cover letter

You have still another chance to highlight your abilities. Here, you can go into further detail about the skills you indicate on your resume and give appropriate instances of when and how you've applied them. It might assist you in indicating to a potential employer how you might manage your future obligations with their company.

Job interview

You can illustrate a few abilities through your actions in your interview. It can involve showing off your time management skills by being on time. Establishing a professional demeanor through your attitude, gesture, facial expressions, and attire is another approach to emphasize these qualities.

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