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Airline Pilot Resume Example

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How to write an airline pilot resume

Preparing a well-formatted and easily readable resume is essential if you're entering the industry or attempting to get that ideal job. Your resume is the initial impression that a potential employer, admissions staff, or scholarship board will have of you, so it's worthwhile to invest in the extra effort to ensure that they perceive you as a disciplined, talented, and process-detail-oriented. Even if you have developed a resume or CV in a profession other than aviation, there are some notable distinctions to pilot resumes that you'd know. A pilot resume must highlight your competencies, experience, and credentials. It's essential to remember that you must customize your resume to each job description. In other words, don't submit the same job application to every airline or employer you'd like to join. Drafting a highly qualified resume can be a challenging task. 

Tips for writing an airline pilot resume

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First impressions are valuable. Spend some time honing your resume. Make it appear professional by triple-checking for spelling and grammar mistakes, using a legible font, and ensuring that the layout and structure make everything readable. Here are some tips for writing a killer pilot resume;

Resume format

Unlike other sectors, aviation requires a one-page resume. You'll need to be innovative with layout, margins, typography, and line spacing. Remember that a CV does not have to tell everything about you, only the sections most essential to the hiring manager or company. The purpose is to illustrate just enough details to communicate your strong points while keeping the page from becoming cramped and hard to read. From top to bottom, it must be aesthetically attractive and structured. Use contemporary, readable fonts, such as Helvetica Neue, Tahoma, Calibri, and Verdana. Most sectors, especially in the innovative industries, have embraced more up-to-date resume formats that involve color, multiple columns, lists of hard and soft skills, and resume keywords. Although most aviation companies value a conservative outlook over creativity, your resume must demonstrate this.

Resume header

Your name must be visible and well-distinguished from the remainder of the text. It is the place to choose a unique font from the rest of your resume. It's a personal preference, whether you use your middle name or only the first and last name, but you must match what you write on your job application and cover letter. 

Professional summary/ Resume objective

A resume objective allows entry-level pilots to demonstrate themselves as the best pilot for a specific position. It must be structured in a way that prioritizes how despite your limited experience as a pilot, you are an extremely competent applicant. You can accomplish this by showcasing a few notable accomplishments you have. Because a resume objective may only be 2 to 4 sentences long, it must be brief. A resume summary allows seasoned pilots to emphasize how their professional profile exactly fits the employer's requirements. It must serve as a two to a four-sentence summary of the most applicable and eye-catching aspects of your job application that you believe the hiring manager must pay special attention to. Several non-aviation professions have abandoned the resume objective in favor of a professional summary, but the objective statement is still in use. A professional statement explains why you are qualified for the job you want. It must be relatively brief, around 100 words, and add three main points: describe yourself, how you can contribute, and your career objectives. A professional summary or resume objective is the opportunity to sell yourself.

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Keep it brief and to the point. Indicate the corporation name, the number of years you worked there, your position, and the airplane types you flew on. You do not have to list each job you've ever held. Provide the name and address of every corporation for which you have worked, and your job role and employment dates. Include any professional experience you have, like flying in varying weather situations or transporting passengers on long-duration flights. It's also something you must discuss if you have any significant experience functioning as a flight instructor.


Put this resume section first if you have a four-year college education and your potential employer values education. At the very least, you must add the highest academic qualification obtained, along with the name and institution's location, the field of study, graduation date, and honors, and GPA if above 3.0. Any additional information is dependent on the job description and the amount of space available. For instance, if you're just beginning and only have a few FAA credentials, few flight hours, and insufficient work experience, you could mention both high school and college education. If you finished a flight training course at a non-collegiate aviation institute, include that information here. If you have completed professional improvement classes outside of aviation like, an IT certification, outline them if the education segment is otherwise lacking. List your records in reverse-chronological order if you have more than one. If you have any military service, add it after education or before job experience, depending on which appears initially on your resume. One line describing the military division and periods of service is adequate, under job experience, you will also include certain military positions and units.


Selecting the appropriate skills to emphasize can instantly turn your resume from subpar to eye-catching. When choosing skills, remember that you should highlight those that will attract the hiring manager, not those that you think are remarkable. You must pick skills depending on the skills-relevant keywords utilized by the hiring manager in a job posting. After determining what these capabilities are, you can tailor your resume to highlight those that you have. It is vital to note that skills are classified into two types: soft skills and hard skills. Soft skills are concerned with interpersonal and social capabilities, whereas hard skills are focused on technical prowess. To satisfy employers, you must entail an alignment of both. Here is a list of pilot skills to include on an airline pilot resume;

  • Quick thinking
  • Discipline
  • Leadership
  • Team management
  • Multitasking
  • Reliability
  • Communication 
  • Customer service

Pilot licenses and ranking

At the very least, include the pilot credential with group, class, type ranking, and medical license necessary for the position. if you have the room, include every credential and rank you've received; they help to portray a full picture of an all-rounded pilot. If possible, attempt to employ the language that is displayed on your accreditations. This valuable detail enables a hiring manager to ascertain if you have the appropriate standard of flying expertise for the role. If you don't include any of them on your resume, a hiring manager will not devote their time to your job application.

Flight Time

This must be positioned out as a table, tailored to the specifications of the job role; too many fields and your resume's score will be cramped chaos. Several applications include thorough flying hours grids that'll drive you insane.

Tips for making an airline pilot resume stand out

Here are some pointers for making a pilot resume stand out;

  • Single-page. When writing your resume,  it is critical that you only send one page. That's the industry norm, so you must follow it. Only in scenarios like I you are applying for a managerial role, you may include up to two pages.
  • Selectively illustrate the information: Take advantage of the fact that your resume must be one page long to be particular about the career accomplishments you showcase. Because your resume is essentially a "highlights trailer" of your pilot profession, only entails information about the most compelling successes.
  • Incorporate volunteer activities as a pilot that you have done.  Keep a record of it in your resume if you have volunteered as a pilot in the neighborhood. Although a hiring manager is unlikely to be interested in your volunteer time in a children's home, they will be fascinated by learning about any charitable flights you have operated. If a hiring manager is deciding between you and another applicant, your act of charity could be the deciding factor! Just remember to add only the most essential aspects of your experience.

Airline Pilot Resume Sample

An airline pilot is in charge of flying an aircraft from one location to another. The job description of a pilot involves welcoming crew members, conducting a schedule of preflight crosschecks, examining fuel and climatic situations, and checking cargo are loaded. The following are the core duties outlined on the Airline Pilot resume; 

  • Flying aircraft and transferring people and freight
  • Gathering data from air traffic controllers
  • Using flight deck tools
  • Switching on fastening seatbelt indicators
  • Receiving liftoff and landing directions
  • Maintaining cargo has been packed
  • Managing flight contingencies
  • Modifying airplane records
  • Reviewing aircraft efficiency and position

To be eligible for this critical position, you must have at least 2000 flight hours, an exceptional understanding of aircraft policies and security operations, personal judgment with the tendency to respond rapidly to risks, precision, and a commercial pilot's permit, and an Airline Transport Pilot's license. University education in aircraft engineering is ideal.

Airline Pilot Resume Example I

Airline Pilot Resume Professional Summary

A professional and experienced airline pilot with more than 12 years of experience. Capable of tracking security system output and interacting with traffic controllers. Proficient in managing flight deck team and multitasking to ensure flight progress. Dedicated to passenger protection and satisfaction.

Airline Pilot Resume Skills

  • Crew Resource Management
  • Co-pilot
  • Communication 
  • Problem-solving
  • Aircraft systems
  • Safety rules
  • Customer service
  • Teamwork

Airline Pilot Resume Job Description

  • Worked diligently with flight staff to ensure airplane operations were secure and structured.
  • Worked patiently through in-flight emergencies to ensure passenger protection and satisfaction.
  • Delegate tasks to crew members.
  • Worked with dispatch to identify the ideal flight routes.
  • Maintained a commitment to secure and comfortable aircraft operation.
  • To ensure the proper functioning of operations, keep a high level of correspondence with dispatchers, upkeep personnel, air traffic controllers, and senior management.
  • Utilized resource management to confirm cooperation and formulate plans throughout complicated in-flight decision-making.
  • Complied with all FAA guidelines, corporate practices, and normal operating processes.

Airline Pilot Resume Example II

Airline Pilot Resume Professional Summary

An experienced and enthusiastic airline pilot with a proven track record of success in aviation. Determined professional with excellent organizational and prioritization skills. Competence includes the processing of a wide range of airplanes and a proven track record of excellent management and customer service.

Airline Pilot Resume Skills

  • Spatial Awareness 
  • Weather Conditions
  • Traffic Control
  • Efficient Operation
  • Detail-oriented
  • Stay calm under pressure
  • Situational Awareness

Airline Pilot Resume Job Description

  • Improved aviation understanding, equipment flight fundamentals, and acquired maneuvering operations without risking earlier rankings.
  • Liable for the security and protection of the airplane, passengers, and freight on board.
  • Retain knowledge of the Business's Instruction Book as needed to perform duties professionally and proficiently.
  • Support the Captain with any administrative work related to the aircraft as required.
  • Facilitate the Captain in maintaining a high level of crew discipline, behavior, and personal aesthetics.
  • After 12 hours of flight instruction from a valued educator, I attained my private pilot permit. I held it for six years with zero fatalities or incidents throughout regular flights.
  • Expertise in airplane operational processes, structures, and federal rules.
  • Took part in an advanced training program that enabled me to obtain certification for single-engine land aircraft, single-engine seaplanes, and flight reviews.

Airline Pilot Resume Example III

Airline Pilot Resume Professional Summary

An ATP-approved commercial airline pilot who specializes in long-duration flights is looking for an opportunity to demonstrate their compliance to security requirements and excellent communication skills at ABC Airlines. With 3500 flight hours have the expertise, perseverance, and enthusiasm to join your hardworking team.

Airline Pilot Resume Skills

  • MS Excel
  • Airplane experience
  • Problem-solving
  • Troubleshooting
  • Customer service
  • Managing crews
  • Aviation
  • FAA Certification

Airline Pilot Resume Job Description

  • Upkeep pilot operations include diagnostics, tracking, and identifying aircraft following repairs to determine return to service situations.
  • Arranged study discussions with trainee pilots to coach and evaluate for recruit assessments.
  • Time and financial restrictions were implemented to ensure that team performance was fulfilled or surpassed.
  • Perfect pilot record, such as yearly pilot analyses and rigorous simulator screening.
  • Excellent judgment in the settlement of operational issues via artistic problem-solving qualifications; indicated the potential to highlight a few difficult duties in a very limited timeframe.
  • Identified for exceptional tenacity and dedication, successfully handled over 500 security-related customer concerns.
  • After finishing over 700 hours of customer service instruction, I was able to provide excellent services.


Your resume is a promotional tool designed to land you an interview for the positions you want to pursue. Consider the job description for the role and then format your resume appropriately. Although having a systematic pilot resume is acceptable, maintaining a few changes before sending it to an employer may allow you to get the hiring manager's attention. Recognize that not all airline companies have the same recruitment specifications; thus, tailoring your resume to the organization you want to join will give you a better opportunity. And, before submitting it, review it, check for spelling mistakes, and ask your friend or mentor to proofread it for you. Make sure to send the resume and cover letter together. 

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