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How to write a cover letter for a pilot

The airline pilot's resume or job application to an aviation industry must be top-notch and customized cover letter focusing on the job requirements for the role. A cover letter is your opportunity to showcase that you are qualified for the position and are knowledgeable about the airline's operations and ethics. Most individuals take the easy route and write a typical 'one size fits all cover letter that is not relevant to the specific airline and the job. The employer can notice it, and this can severely risk your application. 

Why does an employer consider inviting you for a pilot interview if you've not illustrated that you're willing to spend the additional half-hour essential to showcase what you've studied regarding the airline, its culture, and mode of procedure when other applicants possess it? The justification "I don't have the time" is simply unacceptable since you are applying for a job that requires taking care of aircraft with hundreds of people on board. So aviation hiring teams want the maximum levels of professional standards to be highlighted right from the start.

When submitting a cover letter to various airline companies, only altering the organization name and a few sentences is not preferable. More than half of the information in the application letter you submit should be original. Consider the distinctions between Spirit Airlines and Virgin Atlantic; every airline faces distinct issues, one over short-distance and the other over long-distance, with each offering a unique kind of service. Each airline has its range of ethics and is likely looking for relatively different characteristics in its flight staff. Discuss these concerns in your cover letter.

However, a pilot resume highlights your skills, qualifications, and experience. And an application letter must explain why you want to work for a particular airline and how you fit that corporation and form of operation. Unless there are extraordinary factors, it must be confined to one page as a recruiter doesn't spend more than 7 seconds on any job application. Ensure it follows the basic letter format by including your address, date, and name. Address the document to a particular person within the organization, such as the HR professional of the chief pilot.

Tips for writing a cover letter for pilot

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To be an airline pilot is a highly competent and specialized job position that requires not only educational credentials but also specialized certifications and flying hours to begin your profession. As a result, you must add the necessary details to the pilot cover letter in a timely and efficiently accessible manner. You must ensure that all appropriate accomplishments are displayed. 

  • Utilize an official, easy-to-read font and HipCV cover letter builder. Provide your contact information at the top of the pilot cover letter so the hiring manager can discover them if they need to reach you for the position.
  • Create your pilot cover letter unique to the recipient. Spend a little time locating the name of the specific person you have to contact. This personalized method is having an effect.
  • Ensure to recheck the pilot cover letter thoroughly. If your cover letter is filled with errors, you won't get a job interview and will not be hired! It's a good idea to have somebody else review your cover letter before you submit it.
  • Pay close attention to the job description's specifics. It can provide you with a few subject matter ideas. For instance, if the airline acknowledges a massive route system or swift career progression, you can discuss how your non-technical expertise will enable you to resolve the issues of this while also locating it very beneficial. You could also discuss your professional goals, like participating in the training department.
  • Piloting needs special knowledge and skills, so start with that details. In this scenario, the applicant instantly explains that they have 'restored' their ATP credential and completed the necessary flight hours. This one will rapidly demonstrate that you are worth taking into account.
  • Make your accomplishments and capabilities more relevant. Emphasize the fact of how excellent an applicant you are, but you still would like the hiring manager to reach you and provide you a job interview to learn more.
  • Add all of the essential knowledge for the recruiter to consider you. For instance, the applicant discusses achieving the Commercial Pilot certification and accomplishing the 1500 flight hours necessary by the FFA. After viewing this, the airline will decide whether or not to permit you to fly a commercial plane.
  • It's not only about how well you match the position; it's also about how well the airline integrates your qualifications and personal characteristics. Utilize this section to illustrate that you have done your homework on the organization, what interests you about them, and what you want to join the specific airline. It will indicate to them that you are committed to operating for them.
  • Complete with a brief call to action for the manager to contact you. Offer them one last note that you are ideal for the position.

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Pilot Cover Letter Example I

Dear Employer,

I am thrilled to be applying for the position of Airline Pilot at Ario Airlines. I've been an airline pilot for twelve years and have flown a wide range of the airplane. I am convinced in my abilities and experience, would render me an outstanding asset to your team.

I love flying and take great honor in giving my passengers a secure and pleasant experience. I am also an excellent team player who has served as commander for the last six years. I was in charge of directing and organizing the attempts of my flight staff and securing that all safety protocols were implemented.

I am sure that my abilities and expertise will be beneficial for Ario Airlines. I'm excited to talk more regarding this opportunity with you and discover further about your organization and the role.


Shawn C. Brown

Pilot Cover Letter Example II

Dear Employer,

I'm writing to inquire about the Airline Pilot position that I saw on your website. I am self-assured that I possess the skills and knowledge you are seeking.

I've been a pilot for five years and have flown many different types of planes. I am a seasoned and extremely competent pilot who can manage any circumstance that may occur. I am also a team player who can collaborate effectively with others.

I am sure that I will be a valuable resource to your airline. I am happy to discuss this possibility further with you and am available whenever it is convenient.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Shawn C. Brown

Pilot Cover Letter Example III

Dear Employer,

I'm interested in working as an airline pilot for Ario Airlines. With over fifteen years of industry experience maintaining exceptional passenger experiences while adhering to all standards and security restrictions, I am sure that I'd be an addition to the team.

With over 2,250 flying hours as a Chief pilot, I have the operational knowledge and experience to render an instant and significant contribution to Ario Airlines. I succeed at keeping outstanding levels of promptness, adherence, and passenger service thanks to my effective interpersonal skills and dedication to excellence.

Features of my experience involve the following;

  • Making flight initiatives, monitoring fueling, double-checking safety mechanisms, construing equipment data, and successfully conversing with air traffic controllers and passengers are all part of the job.
  • Reporting to crew members, examining airplanes, and cross-checking staff to ensure secure and appropriate flight performance.
  • To flourish in unpredicted emergencies, you must have sound judgment and decision-making capabilities.
  • Individual credential and pilot currency standards are met by following Federal Aviation Provisions Part 61.

With my comprehensive track record of progress as a pilot, I am well equipped to widen my history of outstanding service to your staff at Ario Airlines. I look forward to discussing this position and my credentials with you. 


Shawn C. Brown

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