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Babysitter Resume Sample

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Shirley R. Clark


Exceptionally reliable and responsive Babysitter with an outstanding track record of family and child satisfaction. Capable of rapidly and skillfully responding to unexpected or challenging child care settings. All days, evenings, and some weekends are available for planning. Ability to adapt to a variety of household contexts. Infant nutrition, behavior, and apparel insight. Capable of managing more than one kid at a moment. High-energy, responsive to the requirements of others, and gentle with children.


WeeCare, Inc. Hartford City, IN
  • In the absence of parents, monitor and supervise children's activities.
  • Create innovative games and activities to keep the kids occupied.
  • Organize meals in advance to ensure that kids eat enough and on time.
  • Accompany children on field trips to campsites and lakes.
  • In all ways, retain a friendly atmosphere for children.
  • Assist in preparing and serving food and refreshments to kids.
  • Determine and implement behavioral rules, and processes for keeping order.
  • Followed nutritional protocols when serving meals and refreshments.
  • Studying childcare techniques, learning nutrition facts for children.
  • Utilizing my management and teamwork capabilities to organize, implement, guide, and ensure an effective, and securely completed purpose.
  • Cooking a variety of meals and performing housekeeping daily tasks to keep a hygienic and healthy atmosphere.
  • Coordinating and participating in recreational activities, teaching personal accountability and hygiene, and assisting with schoolwork.
Beacon Health System, Granger, IN
  • Ensured a child's growth by providing a safe and healthy environment.
  • Played, talked, and interacted with kids.
  • Encouraging healthy social skills.
  • Nutritious meals and refreshments were served to the children.
  • Identified children's everyday needs, such as nap and meal times.
  • Facilitated kids to learn proper self-care habits like dressing, eating well, and cleaning up after themselves.
  • Teach the kids safe behaviors like pursuing adult guidance when crossing the road and avoiding contact or playing with dangerous objects.
  • Assist in developing or monitoring the family schedule.
  • In charge of supervising and assisting with homework.
  • Fostered the growth of self-control and duties, allocate adequate chores, and appreciate targeted behaviors.
  • Advice and guide children in the improvement of individual and health patterns like eating, sleeping, and toileting.
  • To ensure a healthy atmosphere for kids, eliminate obstacles and set proper boundaries and regulations.


High School
Owen Valley High School, IN


Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED
Child Development Associate (CDA)

3807 Stratford Park

Spencer, IN 47460                     

Childcare skills
Potty Training
First Aid & CPR