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Caregiver Resume Sample

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Mary J. Pua


Caregiver with seven-plus years of experience who is devoted and considerate to providing aged care, emotional support, and comfort to senior citizens in assisted living communities. In handling resident requirements, I am patient, compassionate, and highly qualified, with a soft touch and caring outlook focused on managing everyone with decency and respect and acknowledged for the ability to track patients and give emotional and physical assistance to personnel. I have strong communication skills and cultural awareness to care for different people.


CareLink, Little Rock, AR
  • Organized the everyday requirements of 44+ occupants aged ranging from 68 to 97, such as basic hygiene, dressing, and being moved from chairs to bedrooms.
  • Supervised modifications in patients' vital signs and blood pressure and sugar levels.
  • Arrange resident timetables, which included exercise programs, doctor's visits, medication administration, leisure activities, and family trips.
  • Executed group tasks like movie nights, and games which increased resident and workers interaction by 55 percent.
  • Accomplished right housework responsibilities, such as washing and meal planning.
  • Facilitated patients with taking a bath, dressing, feeding, and workout and encourage mental clarity.
  • Conducted treatment plans, home regulations, and constant security procedures.
First Choice Senior Care, Little Rock, AR
  • Contributed to organizing fun stuff for residents such as game nights, music events, films, exercise programs, and makeover workshops.
  • Aided in the acquisition of donated resources, and obtained recurring consideration for innovative ideas and resident-acclaimed software.
  • Guaranteeing full paperwork in the EMR system and instantly notifying the RN and care provider personnel of any variations in condition.
  • Cooperated with colleagues and medical workers to assist resident treatment plans, delivering memory treatment, physical needs, and psycho-emotional care while streamlining resident living standards.
  • Developed a three-month program encompassing the fundamentals of caregiving, such as dementia interaction techniques, social connection, and physical care, such as bathing, and feeding assistance.
  • Expressed comprehensive knowledge of communication methods, infection control, protection,, and age-relevant inconsistencies when taking care.


High School
Premier High School, Little Rock, AR


Home health aide certification
Nursing home caregiver
First Aid And Emergency Care
Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

4386 Mulberry Avenue

Little Rock, AR 72211                     

Cognitive Support
CPR and First Aid certified
Dressing Assistance
Independent Living Facilitation
Wheelchair Transfer
Personal Hygiene
Cognitive Support