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Correctional Officer Resume Sample

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Joshua Richardson

Correctional Officer

Experienced Corrections Officer dedicated to preserving peace, protection, and safety inside correctional facilities and prison systems. Extensive training in emergency management and prevention. Capable of being cool and confident in the face of unfavorable and demanding working situations.


Correctional Officer
Orange County Government, Orlando, FL
  • Checked inmate living quarters, and periodic inspections of single cells, communal spaces, and convicts were conducted, searching for contraband.
  • Inmates' everyday activities were constantly inspected, looking for aberrant behavior, inappropriate conduct, or signals of potential confrontation.
  • Worked as a gatekeeper for outside interaction with employees and convicts, directing queries to the proper resource.
  • Provided proper first-aid and emergency intervention.
  • I was in charge of monitoring and operating security protocols, hardware, and computers.
  • Managed a vehicle for perimeter patrol and prisoner transportation.
  • Executed prisoner counts, security visits, and searches.
  • Finished needed reports and worked on panels.
  • Mitigated escapes or occurrences that may have jeopardized security.
  • When required, detained or secured convicts using physical force, disarmed self-defense, weapons, or force to arrest or safeguard convicts.
Correctional Officer
The State of Florida, Sarasota, FL
  • Recorded all activities conducted or observed throughout everyday activities.
  • Prisoners were escorted and taken to sites outside of the detention center.
  • Avoided and acted properly to crises while minimizing planned escape or violent circumstances.
  • Maintaining certification as a rescue vehicle driver.
  • Throughout the shift, I initiated multiple security patrols.
  • During the shift, I kept a close eye on prisoners' actions.
  • During each shift, I operated cell searches and pat downs of detainees.
  • Before convicts enter the day room for recreation, establish rules and restrictions.
  • Imposing policies to guarantee strategy and stated processes are followed.
  • Working to obtain the maximum level of correlation to improve the facility's efficacy and productivity.
  • Supporting convicts who have specific requirements, including as mental health issues or physical disabilities.


Bachelor Of Science in Forensic Studies And Justice
University of South Florida, FL


OSHA Safety Certificate
First Aid, CPR and AED Instructor
Medication Aide Certification (MACE)
Certified Corrections Officer (CCO)

109 Arbutus Drive

Miami, FL 33012                     

State and federal laws knowledge
First aid and CPR certified
File and record maintenance
Trained in defensive tactics
Restraint techniques
Courtroom practices familiarity