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Mike Hannigan



Washington, DC

Computer Systems
Organizational Skills
Interpersonal Skills

Competent and devoted HR Manager of the Federal Government with over 15 years of expertise to confirm that HR programs assist agencies in recruitment, hiring, and establishing an outstanding and diverse workforce. Adept at supplying executives and officials in need of optimum assistance. Committed to dignity and to the defense of identity and record privacy. Established track record in HR departments for promoting excellent workflow.


HR Assistant
ABC Corp, Washington,DC
2013 - current
  • A variety of documents can be generated using word processing, digital spreadsheet, and database management system
  • Assisted 15 employees and over 75 programs
  • To communicate with colleagues, control staff calendars, and use specialized word processing software systems.
  • Retrieved, edited, and printed in structured formats thousands of copies of documents as text with integrated charts and maps.
Office Manager
MNL Pvt Ltd, Washington, DC
2003 - 2013

Remind employees of calls that have not yet been answered via the software framework for project management.

  • Discovered a frequent issue with the purchasing process of a vendor and called it to the attention of the manager, and saved $5,000 per year.
  • Improved productivity 20% by utilizing office system
  • Supported by automatic phone menu updating, resulting in a 20% decline in office calls, as more calls redirected to the company website.


B.A in Business Management
Washington University
2000 - 2003
GPA: 3.9