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Health and Safety Advisor Resume Sample

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Alfred K. Mershon

Health and Safety Advisor

Committed HSE Advisor with more than eight years of practical experience and outstanding analytical and interpersonal skills. Provides assurance that all large project workplaces' recognized health, safety, surroundings, and security protocols are met by suitable staff and contractors. Solid capacity to assess procedures for conformance with customer sector and regulated health, safety, and environmental practices.


Health and Safety Advisor
The Walt Disney Studios, GA
  • Review the progress of the company's site management professionals to ensure that they are in accordance with the contractor's underlying HSE specifications and requirements.
  • Collaborate with contractor/subcontractor staff to close out gaps and make improvements.
  • Contribute to the Leadership team's understanding of HSE issues.
  • As appropriate, take action and prevent jobs for insecure acts or situations.
  • Verify that the contractor successfully enforces its Project HSSE Strategy and follows the agreement's terms of service.
  • Appropriate conduct, norms, and practices were taught and implemented.
  • All regular reports were supplied correctly and on time.
  • OSHA programs for state security, health, and environmental legislation were executed.
  • Discussed with the corporation's ownership to enhance and confirm safety precautions for the business and upcoming projects.
  • Extending, optimistic response was provided while pursuing a safety briefing and scheduling.
Health and Safety Advisor
General Entertainment Content, GA
  • Undertake field-level safety evaluation and assessments, the follow-up to guarantee adherence with authorized remedial action.
  • All employees were encouraged to utilize the behavior-dependent safety practices properly.
  • Perform incident inquiries for any and all incidents that occur on-site.
  • Hold regular security meetings to address any problems or safety concerns that arise.
  • Record the safety-based framework and assign it to the suitable divisions.
  • Investigated current contractor safety gear based on the site location.
  • Technical risks were examined, and direction and suggestions were offered.
  • Promote a safe work environment by being present on the job site and positively reinforcing safe behavior.
  • Assist wounded employees with first-aid and handle medical check-ups.
  • Liable for preparing, guiding, and monitoring the environmental, health, and protection programs.


Bachelor of Civil Engineering
Ilia State University, GA


Safety Management Specialist (SMS)
OSHA Safety Certificate
First Aid, CPR and AED Instructor
Certified Safety Professional (CSP)

744 Oakridge Lane

Sandersville, GA 31082                     

Codes & regulations
Risk Management
Project management
Hazard identification
Occupational Health
Major equipment