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Health and Safety Engineer Resume Sample

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Anna Sthesia

Health and Safety Engineer


88 Liberty Ave, Chicago, IL

Safety Management
Project Management
Critical Thinking
Organizational Skills

A applicant with in-depth information on health risks and control principles, along with laws and codes, aims to work with a top organization as a health and safety engineer. To contribute to the promotion of occupational health and safety understanding and, at the same time, to professional development.


Health and Safety Engineer
ABC Pvt Ltd, IL
2016 - current
  • execute safety process evaluation tasks and include feedback in areas that require enhancement
  • Allocated duties to recognize and address basic safety problems
  • Qualified for safety infrastructure management and tracking by the use of computer networks and databases
  • Manage the duties of implementing action plans by engaging through business segments
Junior Health and Safety Engineer
MHP Corp, IL
2013 - 2016
  • Handling equipment and process control functions related to environmental protection
  • In charge of consulting on recycling, waste management, industrial hygiene, and pollution reduction activities
  • Handle operations such as PIPP and Waste reports for planning and filing legal compliance reports
  • Accountable for the interpretation of health and security laws in order to ensure occupational safety


Bachelor degree in Engineering
Chicago University
2011 - 2013
GPA: 3.9