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Military Resume Sample

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Warren L. Holbrook


Successful military specialist looking to switch to a private industry job. Possess seven years of operational and people management expertise as a distinguished soldier. Outstanding leader who has demonstrated skills in dispute resolution, quality enhancement, and interacting with other military members.


Military Police Officer
United States Marine Corps
  • Conducted patrols and investigations to deter crime and ensure the safety of personnel and property on military installations.
  • Responded to calls for service and enforced military law and regulations.
  • Apprehended and detained suspects, collected evidence, and prepared reports.
  • Provided security for high-ranking officials and dignitaries.
  • Trained and mentored junior Marines in police procedures and tactics.


  • Awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal for meritorious service during a deployment to Afghanistan.
  • Recognized by unit leadership for consistently exceeding performance standards.
  • Maintained a perfect safety record throughout military service.
Field Combat Engineer
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Louisville, KY
  • Assumed the role of lead platoon officer and gave troops basic training, particularly instruction on how to handle all military equipment safely.
  • Liable for recording and storing various secret documents according to the established deadline.
  • Directed and created a variety of staff training initiatives to guarantee a constantly high level of achievement in both combat and non-combat tasks.
  • Five infantrymen with limited fighting experience were given tactical direction and commanded during combat actions.
  • Performed combat training for a group of fifteen combat engineers.
  • Helped to create and execute updated training regimes and programs.
  • Coordinated and assisted the scheduling of bridge destruction for different bridge structures.
  • Generated and recorded explosives information in accordance with regional and national legal requirements.
  • Undertook routine asset and equipment audits to make sure all relevant equipment was available and in good condition.
Special Forces Candidate
U.S. Army Joint Munitions Command, Richmond, KY
  • Employed by a high-rise apartment complex to work as an unarmed security officer. Conduct s Security patrols throughout the premises and parking lot to deter stealing, vandalism, squatters, and other criminal acts.
  • Accompanied individuals to and from their automobiles, conducted routine patrol officers, and employed surveillance equipment to look out for odd behavior.
  • Offered as a comforting presence to protect residents and their property while providing vendors and visitors with educational help and navigational advice.
  • Responded calmly and quickly to stated incidents and disruptions, such as noise complaints, public drunkenness, domestic abuse, vehicle break-ins, and possible drug use. Immediately took charge of increasing problems and defused them while waiting for law enforcement officers.
  • Allocated and authorized $105,000 each month to properly track ongoing services and material needs.


Associate in General Studies Degrees
Campbellsville University, KY
High School
Breckinridge Metropolitan High School, KY


Military Fitness Specialist Certification
Basic Life Support (BLS)

4697 Gregory Lane

Louisville, KY 40202                     

Analytical skills
Military Laws & Jurisdiction
Criminal & Accident Investigations
Law Enforcement Patrols
Evidence Collection
Problem solving
Structural Analysis