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Police Officer Resume Sample

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Stephen H. Graves

Police Officer

Committed and perceptive Police Officer with 5 plus years of expertise building goodwill in the neighborhood and society. To safeguard life and property, responds instantly to disaster situations, carefully detects suspicious activity, and extensively inspects incidents. Recognized for fostering cooperative trust and inter-cultural understanding among ethnically and socio-economic different populations.


Police Officer
City of Leander, Leander, TX
  • Utilized crisis response training to effectively avert a potentially fatal event.
  • Conduct an investigation for incidents such as domestic violence, theft, car accidents, and violent attacks.
  • Following procedure and demonstrating constant insight of local, state, and national legislation and rules, acknowledged for zero occurrences on disciplinary track.
  • Took part in community engagement and prevention activities, discussing topics such as neighborhood monitor, theft insight, personal security, and contingency planning.
  • Under stress, demonstrated sound judgment in life-threatening circumstances and other urgent cases.
  • Responded to traffic, emergency, and illegal conduct calls from police stations and 911, such as murder, domestic abuse, attack, robbery, breaking and entering, drug trafficking, and destruction of property.
  • Assisted patrol officer and other first emergency workers in assessing scenes, ensuring victim/public security, apprehending suspected serious criminals, securing crime scenes, and conducting initial inquiries.
Police Officer
City of Jonestown, Jonestown, TX
  • Conducted highly qualified patrolling inside designated regions, addressing any disagreement and challenging issues, and guaranteeing that all rules are always strictly adhered to.
  • When essential, managing multiple traffic responsibilities and assisting in vehicle accidents.
  • Replying to dispatched calls, writing detailed information, and organizing arrest warrants.
  • When required, testifying in court, answering to alarms, and carrying out other duties as appointed by the superintendent.
  • Searched for missing people and property, found crucial proof in identifying a lost child in 24 hours.
  • Equipped complaints and gave testimony in court and meet with district attorney before trial to discuss case details.
  • Verified that task is being arranged, executed, and accomplished in conformance with company procedures. Deliver assistance with special occasions and meetings.
  • Join required safety protocols and threat reduction training classes.
  • Generate incident documents as needed in accordance with the post instructions. Initiate surprise checks to check the facility's perimeter.


Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice
University St. Edward’s University, Austin, Texas


Certified Security Supervision & Management (CSS)
Certified Criminal Investigator
Certified Homeland Security Manager (CHSM)

3919 Ashton Lane

Austin, TX 78746                     

Traffic Stops and Accident Investigations
Conflict resolution
Problem solving
Communication skills
Emergency Response
Community Relations
Police Patrol Operations
Law Enforcement and Crime Prevention
Defensive Tactics
Incident Report Writing
Crime Scene Preservation