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Retail Cashier Resume Sample

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Mark M. Whitfield


A proactive, resourceful cashier recognized for providing prompt, good customer service and addressing customer transactions concisely. Identify clients' requirements while shifting them via the checkout system swiftly. Committed to assisting others and enthusiastic to take on additional challenges and leadership positions.


Tommy Bahama, Central Valley, NY
  • By approaching customers and inspiring them to return, I was able to welcome them and evaluate their particular needs.
  • On a regular basis, sell smart strategies, credit card systems, and reward cards effectively.
  • Maintaining a consistent cash draw of more than $1800 per shift.
  • Client transactions were organized and assembled.
  • Employed resources wisely to accomplish projects efficiently.
  • Documented telephone proficiency in a high-volume surroundings. Upset visitors were resolved, investigated, and quickly resolved.
  • Management has highly promoted me for the reliability and availability of my reports, attention to detail, impeccable customer service distribution, and team-player mindset.
  • Informed clients of all transaction technique details.
  • Clients were functioned, guidance and support was given, and sales goals were fulfilled.
Bed Bath & Beyond, Newburgh, NY
  • Clients' queries were addressed, and details on processes or regulations was presented.
  • Total payments earned throughout a timeframe were measured and reconciled with overall sales.
  • Helped out in many areas of the company by packing and carrying out consumers' purchases.
  • Maintaining spotless and organized cash register areas, and performing other overall cleaning schedules like mopping floors and unloading rubbish bins.
  • At all occasions, I supplied outstanding exceptional customer service to all clients.
  • Marketing signs and inventories displays clustered together on cabinets, counters, or tables to attract consumers and encourage sales.
  • Maintaining an adequate cash drawer and invoice balance, and promoting weekly offers, vouchers, and savers card schemes.


High school Diploma
Newburgh Free Academy West Campus High School, NY


EPA Amusement Operators Safety Certification (EPA
Professional Credit Specialist (PCS)
Professional Credit Associate (PCA
Certified Professional - Food Safety (CP-FS)

3016 Scott Street

Newburgh, NY 12550                     

Inventory Management
Cash Register Transactions
POS Systems
Drawer Balancing
Stocking & Merchandising
Loss Mitigation