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Store Manager Resume Sample

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Eduardo C. Tabares

Store Manager

Proactive, competent, and results-driven, with over 8 years of experience inspiring and guiding sales staff to success. After only 16 months on the job, I was promoted to my first Retail Manager job. My strengths are my ability to organize people, create and achieve goals, contribute to providing outstanding customer service, and capitalize on possibilities. Considering the firm's slow circumstances, the institutions under my leadership continually grew over my tenure. Excellent in staff interactions, inventory control, and graphic merchandising.


Store Manager
Hobby Lobby, AZ
  • Increased top-line earnings by 18% in a well-established store by providing constant marketing training, adopting web sales, and connecting with essential clients.
  • Weekly class attendance was enhanced by 45% due to constant excellent customer service, community engagement, and identifying relevant educators.
  • Helped with a west coast purchase, where four weeks were invested teaching new staff and managers, aiding with refurbishing sites, and working directly with the executive staff to guarantee the brand quality was maintained after we left.
  • Coordinated a range of events, such as marketing activities, lesson displays, and free courses and clinics. The events drew over 250 people and generated over $185,000 in direct sales.
  • By building ties with Supplier Representatives and employing instructional techniques independent from organizational communication, I was able to guide Sales Associates on product expertise through in-store product instruction.
  • Monthly employee performance assessments were performed to develop career advancement plans for critical staff engagement and personnel turnover minimization.
Store Manager
GameStop, AZ
  • Attained financial targets for sales and total efficiency by 85%.
  • Boosted sales by concentrating on employee development, such as mentoring, training, and role modelling specific behaviors.
  • Daily, I fostered and exhibited a culture of great customer service to everybody.
  • On a regular schedule, I managed merchandised and visual display specifications.
  • All functional principles and corporate policies were taught to employees. I followed all of the company's processes and rules.
  • Reviewed the store's operations via sales and merchandise to uncover new business options. All sales statistics were used to evaluate and measure the organization.
  • Product efficiency was assessed, and store requirements were efficiently discussed with the District Manager and home office.
  • I followed up with the latest style and accessory developments as connected to the brand.


Bachelor of Arts in Business (Retail Management)
Arizona State University


Certified Sales Professional (CSP)
Certified Management Accountant (CMA)
Certified Manager Certification (CM)

4847 Preston Street

Tempe, AZ 85282                     

Budget Administration
Retail Sales
Company Policies
Organizational skills
Accounting and Finance
Retail Management