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Jonathan Scott

College Application

With demonstrated leadership abilities, a motivated student social media expert seeks to invigorate the University of California Berkeley's student body. Established and managed a community fundraising group that collected $35,000 for kids with autism. Leader of the varsity track squad with an A+ score in English and Math.


High School Graduate
East Side Union High School
GPA: 3.9
  • A+ academic performance in all Science, English, and Math subjects.
  • Five professors complimented my interpersonal abilities.
  • Varsity Swim Team Captain
  • 1440 on the SAT (750 Verbal, 690 Math)


Autism Awareness Community
  • Started and managed an online crowdfunding campaign for autistic children.
  • Raised funds by arranging a community of 1,800 martial arts professionals.
  • With 20,000 followers on social media and Twitter, established generated online presence.
Spinning Wheel Studios
  • Started and directed a comedic media production team of six people.
  • 40 short documentary comic skits that wrote, directed, and performed with my friends.
  • A total of 1 million video views were achieved, with 98 percent positive audience comments.
Parallax Restaurant
  • Awarded Excellence and Star service and got a perfect score of 99 percent customer training.
  • Regular high earner who receives the maximum tips each shift.
  • Attained 95 percent satisfied customers response rating.


  • Since the age of eight, I've read 500 books of different disciplines.
  • During a family trip, I discovered 80 valuable Italian phrases.
  • For four years, supervised a company of eight or more people in the creation and production of many multi-month promotions.

Sports and Athletics
  • Appointed Basketball Team Captain for two years.
  • Dedicated around 35-40 hours a week to practice
  • Chosen to serve on the School-Athlete Advisory Council.
  • To accomplish personal and professional targets, established determination, a great work ethic.

144 oliver street

CA, 91341

Time Management
MS Office
Typing Speed 90wpm