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How to write an entry-level HR cover letter

Cover letters are often not simple to compose. They will decide whether or not you get an interview by emphasizing your strong points. They help make your resume shine and allow you to express your personality.

As per BLS, HR jobs will rise by 6% during the next ten years.

It is one of the few occupations unaffected by advanced technologies. As an outcome, applying for HR jobs is now more challenging, which implies to stand out, the HR cover letter must provide the value you can offer. The HR hiring process is simple. If your application is approved, you will be invited to an interview and possibly a proficiency test. This screening may take the form of a personality assessment or a skill test. As a result, your cover letter must be truthful, as the hiring manager may question one of your statements. It must also be solid, as this is the initial filter used by an employer to restrict their alternatives.

Tips for writing an entry-level HR cover letter

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Tailor the entry-level HR cover letter to the specific company for which you are applying. However, the formation of the entry-level HR cover letter will be the same irrespective of the role or company.

Introduction Paragraph

The introduction paragraph is the most essential part of a cover letter, and your chance to make a lasting first impression. Begin by addressing the hiring manager by name and explaining what role you are seeking, how you discovered the job, and your elevator pitch. If you cannot get the employer's name, verify the company's website to view if an HR professional is mentioned or call them. When you have exhausted all possibilities and are unable to locate a name, then address the application letter to the 'Hiring Manager.'

Second Paragraph

Beginning with the second paragraph, you should demonstrate how you are a suitable candidate by giving evidence of skills described in the job requirements. Since a few job descriptions are lengthy, it does not have to include point-by-point, but if it says, 'demonstrates problem-solving and people management,' or 'has expertise in' provide the hiring manager examples of those skills and experience. Remember to keep the paragraphs brief and select three or four specific instances that you are proud of. As you finish your entry-level HR cover letter, include some background details, like your academic achievement, dissertation subject, and reason for choosing HR as a profession. Explain why you appreciate the role of human resources in a company and are enthusiastic about the role. So far, you must have illustrated your natural interest in human resources, your accomplishment, and the qualifications you possess.

Closing Paragraph

In this paragraph, you should inform the hiring manager about what you can offer to the company and how your personal goals can align with the organizational goals.

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Entry-level HR Cover Letter Example I

Dear Employer,

I am writing to apply for the position of Entry-Level Human Resource that you have advertised. I am well-versed in HR initiatives, employment agreement writing, and policy advancement.

I'd like to draw your attention to my present job duties;

  • Manage the department's day-to-day activities.
  • Provide help and support to teammates in addressing complex issues.
  • Keep track of the employee data file.
  • Coordinated orientations for newly recruited employees.
  • Noted important briefing details for future reference.
  • Respond to worker requests.

My strong strong interpersonal and communication skills, and potential to establish employee retention techniques, have trained me to be your next entry-level Human Resource professional.

Please review my enclosed resume for details on my appropriate coursework and training. A chance to discuss how I can exceed your job expectations would be gratefully received.


Susanne C. Wansley

Entry-level HR Cover Letter Example II

Dear Employer,

I was excited to apply after reviewing your job advertisement for an Entry-level HR. I am convinced that I would profoundly impact your company with my thorough understanding of the human resource processes obtained from my latest education.

While pursuing a Master of Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations, I expanded my knowledge of various HR subjects like benefits administration and employee engagement. Besides, my expert experience includes relevant obligations like policy development and application, personnel recruitment and training, recordkeeping, and inter-cultural communication. With these qualities in mind, I am prepared to prosper in this demanding and exciting field.

My background features involve;

  • Gained a thorough understanding of a variety of HR concerns, such as worker hiring and improvement, remuneration frameworks, union and non-union worker agreements, federal HR regulations, and office diversity.
  • Successful track record of attracting and retaining attendees and workers by utilizing presentation and interpersonal skills.
  • Leading inclusive graduate initiatives to help personnel work balance and maximize employee experiences.
  • Using organizational, methodical, and inspirational abilities to accelerate team members to peak performance.

With my extensive education in human resources, passion, and commitment to success, I think I can quickly exceed your expectations in this position. I'm looking forward to talking about this job in detail.


Susanne C. Wansley

Entry-level HR Cover Letter Example III

Dear Employer,

I am submitting my job application for the position of Entry-level HR at ABC Tech Pvt Ltd. I recently received a degree in Bachelor of Human Resource Management (Psychology and am keen to put my newfound knowledge to use. During my college, I interned with Talent HR Tech Solutions in the HR Department, where I facilitated HR staff in undertaking background inspections on prospective workers, conducting interviews, and keeping workers' documents.

I am well-organized, pay close attention to detail, and am friendly and outgoing. I've been complimented on my potential to make individuals feel at ease, which is incredibly helpful in the Human Resources discipline. I would appreciate the chance to join ABC Tech Pvt Ltd's Human Resources department.

I am self-assured that you will consider me competent for the entry-level HR position. Please reach me by phone or email to set up an interview. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Susanne C. Wansley


Writing a cover letter is often stressful if you're a skilled HR generalist or an entry-level HR. You want to go on and on about how fantastic you are for a position, but you understand your reader is short on time. Since you recognize as working in human resources, your cover letter and resume are more probable to be evaluated or examined. Organize to write multiple drafts before settling on the finished version.

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