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Handyman skills: Resume and Cover letter

A handyman is a specialist in building repairs who may perform as a self-employed contractor, for a company, or a single homeowner or real estate firm. A handyman can be skilled in several transactions, including basic woodworking, piping, small electrical cables, and maintenance services. More expertise and specialized knowledge may improve your chances of finding work as a handyman. In this post, we will go over basic handyman skills along with examples to add to a resume and cover letter.

What are handyman skills?

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Handyman skills pertain to the diverse capabilities that a handyman implements for overall repair work and development. Equipment setup, woodworking, standard piping, wiring, upkeep, and restoration are all widely known skills. Through occupational training, apprenticeship, self-directed research, and ongoing job experience, handymen can optimize and acquire new talents over time.

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List of handyman skills

Below is a list of the most popular skills that handymen possess;


A handyman's standard carpentry abilities include discovering studs, placing closets, building racks, anchoring bookshelves, and fixing damaged furniture. Unlike other occupations, carpentry doesn't need a license; as a result, many handymen broaden their carpentry competencies to the point where they can accomplish bigger projects by themselves. Cupboard making, deck and porch construction, and even small home modifications and renovations are examples of large-scale projects. Carpenters are skilled craftspeople who cut, shape, and insert wood for residences and other constructions. General carpenters construct, redevelop, implement, retain, and fix buildings formed of wood and other components. Here is an example of including carpentry handyman skill in a resume and cover letter;

  • Delivered handyman services in need of overall woodworking, painting, and home improvements.
  • General carpentry from beginning to end, drywall setup, internal/external painting, gardening, and yard cleaning.


Repairing a running restroom, substituting a wax seal, and unblocking drains are all examples of basic plumbing tasks. More intricate work, such as installing a water heater or closing off the water system to eliminate and substitute broken pipes, may also be included in basic plumbing.

Electrical work

Electrical work can be risky and necessitates the services of a certified specialist. A handyman, on the other hand, must be capable of completing some simple relevant duties. In a handyman role, you may be willing to take responsibility for electrical duties such as finding and employing a fuse box, rebooting breakers, substituting, or putting light fittings.

Placement and repair of equipment

Prominent handyman jobs include connecting and keeping basic equipment such as washers, and dishwashers, which involve a combination of pipework, wiring, small motor, and woodworking capabilities.

Building maintenance

Building maintenance is a wide type that includes everything from basic activities like washing to more complex duties like waxing floors, redecorating defective or broken walls, or extracting and substituting flooring and carpeting. Landscape servicing, gutter cleanup, and covering fractures and holes on paved areas are all examples of outdoor maintenance. Here is an example of including building maintenance handyman skill in a resume and cover letter;

  • Conducted building repairs on homes, offices, and rental apartments.
  • Recovered homes and established repair and building works.


Sheetrock, also referred to as wallboard, or drywall, is a type of platform made mainly, and sometimes almost entirely, of a delicate mineral and filled between various materials. It is utilized in the rapid building works of interior walls and ceilings. The packaging around and within the drywall is typically formed of specific paper or fiberglass and may contain extra layers and ingredients that reduce the likelihood of fires and flood out-break. Here is an example of including sheetrock handyman skill in a resume and cover letter;

  • Established drywalls, drop ceilings, doors, and windows.
  • Drywalls, brickwork, carpentry, and some gardening are examples of construction projects.

Exterior Painting

Exterior painting is the process of applying paint to an external surface, like the top of a building or the outside of a vehicle. This procedure is generally used when polishing a home, either in base coats that assist paint conform to the outer layer or last longer via different climates or in paint coats of the desired home color. Here is an example of adding exterior painting handyman skill in a resume and cover letter;

  • Handled minor remodeling tasks such as indoor/outdoor painting and outdoor landscaping design and maintenance.
  • Offered internal/external painting services.


Masonry corresponds to brickwork, which could be a relatively simple or far more complicated system. Brickwork, supplying stone for a pathway or wall, or blending out the cement are all examples of basic masonry. Framework or other enhanced construction would be required for more complex masonry jobs. Here is an example of adding masonry handyman skill in a resume and cover letter;

  • Undertake woodworking and masonry jobs linked to trail repairs, construction, investigate and evaluate trail conditions.
  • Coordination of residential remodeling projects such as woodworking, pipework, painting, brickwork, and tile work.

Light fixtures

Light fixtures are electric equipment that supplies power to light bulbs. Lamps, canned or recessed lighting, etc., are other types of lighting. Here is an example of adding light fixture handyman skill in a resume and cover letter;

  • Repair restroom leakage, substitute light fittings and relocate or insert new outlets.
  • Finished drywall, lighting was repaired, and new lights were implemented.

General maintenance

The routine inspection and fixing of hardware, structures, and other mechanical parts are referred to as basic maintenance. Repair personnel who are talented in dealing with the everyday faults generated in the machine parts undertake general maintenance. The goal of basic upkeep is to keep the items in the perfect working state possible. A professional usually performs a set of predefined tasks consistently to track the maintenance. Here is an example of including general maintenance handyman skill in a resume and cover letter;

  • Presented basic handyman systems with a focus on general upkeep, personalized closets, and entertainment facilities.
  • Offered aid with painting and other servicing.

Handyman Skills: Resume Keywords

Here is a list of handyman resume skills keywords to include on a resume and cover letter;

  • Drywall Repair
  • Snow Removal
  • Door Frames
  • Sheetrock
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Light Construction
  • Troubleshoot
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Residential Homes
  • Yard Maintenance
  • General Maintenance & Construction
  • Building Maintenance
  • Rental Properties
  • Residential Properties
  • Repair Service
  • Appliance Installation
  • Construction Projects
  • Electrical Systems
  • Water Heaters
  • Hardwood Floors
  • HVAC
  • Deck Building
  • General Carpentry
  • Window Installation
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