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Undergraduate Skills: Resume and cover letter

When crafting your resume and cover letter, it's important to highlight relevant skills that demonstrate your qualifications for the job. Here are 50 undergraduate skills that you can consider adding to your resume and cover letter;


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Strong verbal and written communication skills are essential for effectively conveying ideas, information, and instructions to others. It involves active listening, clarity, and the ability to adapt communication styles to different audiences.


This skill involves analyzing complex problems, identifying potential solutions, and making informed decisions. It requires critical thinking, creativity, and the ability to evaluate different options to achieve the best outcome.


Collaborative skills are crucial for working effectively in a team environment. It involves actively participating, respecting others' opinions, resolving conflicts, and contributing to achieving common goals.


Leadership skills include the ability to guide and motivate others, take initiative, and make sound decisions. It involves setting direction, inspiring others, and fostering a positive work environment.

Time management

Effective time management skills are necessary for organizing tasks, setting priorities, and meeting deadlines. It involves planning, setting realistic goals, and efficiently allocating time and resources.


This skill demonstrates the ability to adjust to changing circumstances, learn new concepts quickly, and embrace new technologies or work methods. It involves flexibility, open-mindedness, and resilience.


Proficiency in conducting research entails gathering information, evaluating sources, and analyzing data to conclude. It includes using various research methods, critical thinking, and attention to detail.


Creative thinking involves generating innovative ideas, solutions, and approaches. It requires thinking outside the box, connecting unrelated concepts, and embracing unconventional perspectives.

Attention to detail

Attention to detail refers to the ability to thoroughly review and complete tasks with accuracy and precision. It involves being meticulous, and thorough, and ensuring high-quality outcomes.

Interpersonal skills

Interpersonal skills encompass the ability to build and maintain relationships with diverse individuals. It includes effective communication, empathy, active listening, and conflict resolution.

Presentation skills

Presentation skills involve confidently and effectively delivering information or ideas to an audience. It includes public speaking, visual aids usage, and engaging the audience.

Data analysis

Proficiency in data analysis includes the ability to collect, interpret, and draw meaningful insights from data. It involves using statistical methods, data visualization, and using tools like Excel or data analysis software.

Project management

Project management skills entail planning, organizing, and executing projects effectively. It includes defining objectives, creating project plans, managing resources, and ensuring project success.


Networking skills involve building and nurturing professional relationships to expand connections and opportunities. It includes attending events, engaging in professional communities, and maintaining a strong network.

Conflict resolution

Conflict resolution skills are crucial for addressing conflicts and finding mutually beneficial solutions. It involves active listening, empathy, negotiation, and compromise.

Technical skills

Technical skills refer to specific proficiencies in software, programming languages, or technical tools relevant to the job. It includes proficiency in using tools like Microsoft Office, programming languages like Python, or software like Photoshop.

Customer service

Customer service skills involve providing excellent customer interactions, understanding their needs, and finding solutions to their problems. It includes empathy, patience, effective communication, and problem-solving.


Multitasking involves managing multiple tasks simultaneously without sacrificing quality or missing deadlines. It includes prioritization, time management, and effective task switching.


Negotiation skills entail the ability to reach mutually beneficial agreements. It involves active listening, persuasive communication, problem-solving, and finding common ground.

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Strong organizational skills involve efficiently managing resources, information, and tasks. It includes maintaining orderly records, managing schedules, and coordinating activities.


Initiative refers to the proactive approach of taking on responsibilities, seeking opportunities, and going above and beyond assigned tasks. It involves being self-motivated, demonstrating a willingness to take the lead, and actively contributing to the success of projects or initiatives.


Decision-making skills involve the ability to gather and analyze information, evaluate options, and make informed choices. It requires critical thinking, considering the potential outcomes and consequences, and selecting the most appropriate course of action.

Public speaking

Public speaking skills involve confidently and effectively delivering speeches, presentations, or addressing an audience. It includes clear articulation, engaging the audience, using appropriate body language, and conveying information with impact.

Data entry

Data entry skills encompass accurately and efficiently entering and managing data in databases or spreadsheets. It involves attention to detail, organization, and the ability to navigate relevant software or tools.


Sales skills involve the ability to persuade and influence customers to purchase products or services. It includes effective communication, building rapport, understanding customer needs, and closing deals.

Critical thinking

Critical thinking involves analyzing and evaluating information to form well-reasoned judgments or decisions. It requires logical reasoning, objective evaluation of evidence, and the ability to identify biases or fallacies.


Collaboration skills involve working cooperatively with others to achieve common goals. It includes active listening, respecting diverse perspectives, contributing ideas, and resolving conflicts constructively.


Marketing skills encompass knowledge of marketing principles and strategies. It includes understanding target markets, creating compelling messages, conducting market research, and implementing effective marketing campaigns.

Financial literacy

Financial literacy refers to understanding financial concepts and managing personal finances effectively. It includes budgeting, basic knowledge of investments, managing debt, and making informed financial decisions.

Team building

Team building skills involve fostering teamwork, trust, and a positive work environment. It includes facilitating communication, encouraging collaboration, recognizing and leveraging individual strengths, and promoting a sense of belonging within the team.

Active listening

Active listening involves attentively and empathetically listening to others to understand their perspectives or needs. It includes asking clarifying questions, providing feedback, and demonstrating genuine interest in the speaker.

Strategic planning

Strategic planning skills involve developing long-term plans and setting goals to achieve desired outcomes. It includes analyzing current situations, identifying opportunities and risks, and creating actionable plans.

Social media management

Social media management skills include proficiency in managing social media accounts and campaigns. It includes content creation, scheduling posts, engaging with followers, and analyzing social media metrics.

Design skills

Design skills involve the ability to create visually appealing materials using design software or tools. It includes graphic design, layout design, understanding color theory, and visual storytelling.

Language proficiency

Language proficiency refers to fluency or proficiency in multiple languages. It includes speaking, writing, reading, and understanding different languages, which can be advantageous in a global or multicultural context.

Statistical analysis

Statistical analysis skills involve the ability to analyze and interpret statistical data to derive meaningful insights. It includes using statistical software, applying appropriate statistical techniques, and drawing valid conclusions.

Teaching or tutoring

Teaching or tutoring skills involve explaining complex concepts and helping others learn and understand them. It includes effective communication, patience, adaptability to different learning styles, and the ability to simplify information.

Event planning

Event planning skills involve organizing and coordinating events, such as conferences, workshops, or social gatherings. It includes budgeting, scheduling, coordinating logistics, vendor management, and ensuring a smooth event experience.

Problem analysis

Problem analysis skills involve identifying and evaluating problems or challenges to develop effective solutions. It includes gathering relevant information, analyzing root causes, brainstorming alternatives, and selecting the best course of action.

Software proficiency

Software proficiency refers to the ability to effectively use specific software relevant to the job or industry. It includes proficiency in tools such as Microsoft Office Suite, project management software, data analysis tools, or industry-specific software.

Editing and proofreading

Editing and proofreading skills involve reviewing and improving written content for accuracy, clarity, grammar, and style. It includes attention to detail, knowledge of grammar rules, and the ability to provide constructive feedback.

Conflict management

Conflict management skills involve addressing and resolving conflicts within a team or organization. It includes effective communication, active listening, negotiation, mediation, and finding mutually beneficial resolutions.

Salesforce management

Salesforce management skills involve proficiency in managing customer relationships and sales processes using Salesforce, a customer relationship management (CRM) platform. It includes lead tracking, opportunity management, reporting, and utilizing Salesforce tools effectively.

Decision analysis

Decision analysis skills involve analyzing alternatives, weighing risks and benefits, and making informed decisions. It includes using decision analysis tools, considering quantitative and qualitative factors, and assessing the potential impact of decisions.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing skills encompass knowledge of online marketing strategies and tools. It includes proficiency in search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and analytics.

Market research

Market research skills involve researching to gather insights about target markets, customers, and competitors. It includes collecting and analyzing data, conducting surveys or interviews, and using market research tools or methodologies.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance skills involve ensuring high standards of quality in products, services, or processes. It includes developing and implementing quality control procedures, conducting inspections, and addressing any deviations or non-conformities.


Coding skills refer to proficiency in programming languages such as Python, Java, C++, or HTML/CSS. It includes writing and debugging code, understanding algorithms and data structures, and problem-solving through programming.

Data visualization

Data visualization skills involve presenting data in a visually appealing and understandable manner. It includes using tools like Tableau or Excel to create charts, graphs, or infographics that effectively communicate insights and trends.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence includes self-awareness, empathy, effective communication, and building positive relationships based on emotional understanding.

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