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Virtual Assistant Resume Sample

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Brent B. K

Virtual Assistant

Skilled and dedicated Virtual Assistant with extensive expertise in managing financial activities, marketing leads, and organizational processes in a variety of sectors. Detail oriented with a track record of successfully managing high-profile projects, coordinating intricate processes, and handling logistics., efficiently manages conflicting objectives in strenuous, client-facing situations.  Excellent relationship-builder and collaborator recognized for going the extra mile to provide the greatest results in customer satisfaction.


Virtual Assistant
Atrius Health, Newton, MA
  • Oversee everyday routine tasks such as client invoicing, records maintenance, calendar administration, project oversight, sales forecasting, and advertising for local, regional and relocation services.
  • To ease interaction and guarantee efficient operations, coordinate with customers, drivers, operations, advertising, accounting, and third-party suppliers.
  • As the foremost line of contact during the relocation, handle all aspects of customer interactions from beginning to end, involving issue settlement, schedule management, records generation and upkeep, customer evaluation, and problem-solving.
  • Research and discovery of incorrect internet links to complaints forms resulted in a decrease in the number of incoming calls for claims handling. Presented results to the technical team to get a solution.
  • Received both internal and external top reviews and satisfied requirements for consistently providing outstanding service, efficiency, and performance.
  • Skillfully handle a variety of routine duties per week.
  • By forming business connections and putting necessary checks on purchasing, inventory, and supplies, identified costs, concerns, and advantages that resulted in a 25% drop in office expenses.
  • In line with defined protocols, answered calls and gave details about the organization's services and products, directed calls to the proper individuals.
Virtual Assistant
Mass General Brigham(PHS), Somerville, MA
  • Response to emails and phone calls right away, organize calendars, and ensure smooth operation.
  • Provide the best possible customer support at all times by acting as the initial contact point and regularly interacting with clients.
  • Oversee all facets of worker travel, such as planning routes, reserving accommodations, and arranging planes.
  • Help with the creation and distribution of communications, like lectures, emails, and journals.
  • Worked as a trustworthy and effective virtual assistant for a number of this premium company's customers.
  • Served as a customer's support by politely and competently returning their messages and calls.
  • Supported 18-26 customers each week with challenging duties like project planning, group operations, file records, and scheduling appointments.
  • Retained the greatest ethical standards at all times when working with both clients and personnel.
  • Calendar upkeep and management appointment request prioritization. Incoming communication is reviewed to find items of particular interest to administration, handled regular correspondence and prepared proper responses.
  • Choose a site, order meals, visit the location to discuss specifics, attend the events to offer assistance, organize materials, and other requirements for a successful event.


Bachelor of Business Administration
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

Brent B. Kline

1643 Hillcrest Avenue

Bolton, MA 01740                     

Agile Project Management
Customer Service
SIRVA Logistics Software
Time management
Microsoft Word