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Office Administrator Resume Sample

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Johanna Scott

Office Administrator

Office Administrator looking for a role within the company in which my knowledge of performance in providing outstanding customer service, office support and managerial expertise can be used and strengthened along with the ability to train in an environment for personal and professional expansion and progression to meet the organizational vision and career objectives.


Office Administrator
ABC Pvt Ltd
  • Developing and reviewing office processes and records to enhance office working.
  • Generate correct and competent e-mails, documents, correspondence and other relevant word-processed activity.
  • Scheduling, setting up, structuring, keeping track of management and HR support, new employee training.
  • Retaining the state of the office to organize the needed maintenance and collaborating with the IT team to solve the problems of the office system.
Office Aministrator
ABC Corp
  • Accountable for rectifying shipments that have been shipped and parcels that have been collected by the drivers.
  • Applied advanced programming skills to produce statistics rapidly and effectively, as well as to achieve regular targets.
  • Ensure that all inspections provided to the drivers by the clients are completely filled and all records have been documented accurately.
  • Acquaint on each step to ensure the implementation is successful.
  • Performs with the consumer on a regular basis, either for order pick-up or resolving complaints.


Associate Degree in Business Administration
Manhattan Institute of Management, NY
GPA: 3.9




Graphic Design