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Customer Service Representative Resume Sample

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Paige Turner

Customer Service Representative


18 Atlantic Street, CA

Workforce Planning
Customer relationship management
Sales Management
Results Oriented
Computer Knowledge

Trustworthy and caring Customer Support Agent in the troubleshooting of applications and up-selling of Premium memberships. Dedicated to preserving outstanding records of customer contact.


Customer Service Representative
Initech, CA
2016 - current
  • Listen carefully, solve issues creatively, and use tact and negotiation to produce win-win results. Strategic relationships and partnership-building skills.
  • With the ability to create fruitful relationships, solve difficult challenges, and earn customer loyalty, an unwavering dedication to customer service.
  • Proven track record in delivering customer service for public utility and insurance company employees in busy call center environments.
  • Offered valuable sales hire with on-the-job preparation
Customer Service Representative
Hooli Corp, CA
2013 - 2016
  • As one of the company's supervisors and instructors of both new and existing workers became the lead 'go-to'individual for new members and especially difficult calls.
  • In any given week, an average of 350 inquiries was resolved and performance standards were consistently met in all areas (speed, precision, and volume)
  • Assisted companies achieve the maximum scores in customer support (as evaluated by external auditors) won 100% marks in all areas, like social skills, active listening, problem-solving, and friendliness
  • Appreciated in performance reviews for effort, persuasiveness, deep customer attention, and dependability


Associate's degree in Customer Service Management
Community college, CA
2011 - 2013
GPA: 3.9