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Elementary School Teacher Resume Sample

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Matthew M. Halton

Elementary School Teacher

In charge of conducting all grade-related tasks, creating performance records, arranging parent meetings on schedule, supporting the instructional curriculum using asynchronous online conferencing meetings and synchronous teaching. After a successful implementation of the new lesson technique, the efficacy of teaching rose by 15 percent, while the amount of time spent instructing dropped by 30 percent.


Elementary School Teacher
Liberty School District 53 Liberty, MO 64068
  • Enable students to work in groups and individually on arithmetic, reading, and writing skills.
  • Devise and execute every day and unit teaching strategies for third graders; give tests, evaluate and assess students' progress and achievement.
  • Encouraging great pupil and teacher communication by creating a suitable classroom atmosphere.
  • Student performance and enthusiasm were boosted with the use of instructional technology.
  • A planned expedited program linked to Standard Program with a significant concentration on student involvement will improve academic achievement.
  • Formed teacher assistant teams (TATs) around the school to support students who require extra aid in the classroom.
Elementary School Teacher
Hogan Preparatory Academy Kansas City, Missouri
  • Monitoring and arranging student evaluation information was part of my administrative work.
  • Implemented English/Language, and Math courses, the Common Core Principles, social studies and science topics.
  • Working in an integrated class environment, instructed general education kids and also students with learning disabilities and special educational requirements.
  • Through regular online and face-to-face contact about student performance and program, developed excellent connections with students, parents, and coworkers.
  • Observance of instructional strategies, ability to fill in classes with my own resources as necessary.
  • For the yearly parent/teacher meeting, developed presentations for the audience.
  • Direct students separately or in groups to tailor to the student's specific requirements and interests.
  • To preserve order, implement and enforce regulations governing student conduct, procedures, and protocols.


Bachelor's degree in elementary education
University of Kansas, Missouri

Certifications and Licenses

Restricted Teaching License, Kansas
Technical Education Certificate, Kansas

3907 Nutter Street

Kansas City, MO 64106                     

Patience & Understanding
Interpersonal Skills
Curriculum Consultant
Cooperative Learning
Creative Lesson Planning
Student Assessment
Classroom Management
Inclusive Education
Microsoft Office