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Paraprofessional Resume Sample

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Fred K. Clark


Committed and well-structured instructor looking for full-time work as a paraprofessional. Demonstrated history of exemplary teaching expertise in primary and day care settings.


ProCare Therapy Greene, ME
  • Increased kid performance ratings by 21% by listening, developing attainable, involving targets, and advocating for the students.
  • Collaborated with speech therapists, physiotherapists, and other professionals to include critical training in teaching materials.
  • Formulated and executed 26 personalized instructional strategies based on in-depth and continuing evaluations of every student's requirements.
  • Designed curriculum activities, acquired supplies, and executed to keep students interested and developing.
  • Teamed up with more than 50 parents to address particular kid concerns and expectations.
  • Interact and collaborate well with the educator, grade level teammates, different schoolhouse coworkers, and management.
  • To improve student achievement, successfully communicate with parents using a range of mediums, phone conversations, formal and casual discussions.
  • Conducted other relevant responsibilities as allocated to ensure the productive and successful operation of the school.
Maine School Administrative, Topsham, ME
  • Prioritized assistance and substitute delivery of mathematics/science material, availability, training, and evaluation of students' individual development.
  • Depending on a range of teaching strategies and technology, the standard education program was customized for special-needs and ESL students.
  • Educated teacher staff and paraprofessionals about classroom supervision, syllabus, and behavioral treatments.
  • As a specialized instruction paraprofessional, I worked with kids who had emotional issues.
  • Offered CPR and First aid training sessions on a periodic basis.
  • Instructed online learning classes, did administrative work, and worked as a computer mechanic.
  • In a self-sufficient classroom, I designed and deployed an individualized education schedule for every special education student (K-5).


Bachelor's Degree In Early Childhood Education
Portland Community College, ME


Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE)
Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA)
Child Development Associate (CDA)
Educational Certificate K-12 (Ed)

2504 Fantages Way

Portland, ME 04101                     

Classroom Management Skills
Behavior management
Constructing lesson plans
Child supervision
Interpersonal skills