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Dirk Pitt



Chicago, IL

Team building & leadership
Conflict resolution
Student advocacy
Highly organized

Committed Preschool Lead Teacher with seven years of experience to create a stimulating, inspiring, and welcoming classroom environment for all students. Highlights Excellent management of the classroom, Efficient parent cooperation, Differentiated teaching, Dependable, Calm under pressure, Versatile and adaptive, Logical Thinker.


Lead Teacher
Danville School, IL
2020 - present
  • Made sure all students understood what they were learning and helped those who needed extra help.
  • Worked closely with other teachers to cover all parts of the lessons and taught students.
  • Used different teaching methods, wrote down lessons, had group discussions, and helped struggling students.
  • Created interesting lesson plans for different students, which improved test scores by 15%.
  • Changed teaching to fit different learning styles and made a positive and inclusive class.
  • Started a reading program that made students 20% better at reading.
  • Worked with colleagues to plan and join school events.
Lead Teacher
Rantoul City School, IL
  • Created personalized education plans for students with different learning needs. 
  • Worked with a team to help students with special needs overcome challenges. 
  • Used technology and adapted materials to make sure all students could learn together. 
  • Checked how well students were doing regularly and talked with parents to keep them informed and involved.
  • Planned and made lessons based on standards for different learners. 
  • Taught daily lessons in different ways to help all types of learners, and this improved grades by 23% in one year. 
  • Checked the progress of over 150 students and worked closely with other teachers to plan and organize our work efficiently.
Lead Teacher
ABC School, Chicago
2016 - 2018
  • Created a healthy and stimulating learning atmosphere geared towards preschool readiness.
  • Lead Toddler Instructor Watched over children aged 15 months to 24 months Driving children in a company vehicle to their destination
  • Using the development of character stories and big book / little readers, literacy and character-building exercises were introduced.
  • Evaluated the regular behavioral growth of children inside the classroom from infants to pre-kindergarten.
High School Teacher
XYZ Academy, IL
2013 - 2016
  • Prescribed behavioral and learning interventions to several colleagues to facilitate student learning and a healthy learning environment.
  • Establishment through frequent contact of professional and trusting relationships with parents, guardians, and administrators.
  • Standardized evaluations of Administered and Proctored Act, fcat, and other high stakes.
  • Adhered to specific standards in regard to structured evaluation when paying close attention to information.


B.A in English
Community college
2011 - 2013
GPA: 3.9