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English Teacher Resume Sample

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Helmich Leenders

English Teacher

With over seven years of experience, demonstrated abilities in the areas of teaching, guiding, and counseling. Also, have the ability to improve exam results and educate effectively. Competence as a team player, with the capability to handle difficulties and disputes. Convey complicated facts in an easy and amusing way. Interested in contributing my knowledge and talents to an institution that provides a true chance for professional advancement.


English Teacher
Amsterdam International Community School
  • Conducting a variety of exercises and tests in the workbooks and individual writing evaluations, terminology flashcards,
  • Offering age-relevant media and materials like dancing exercises, Powerpoint presentations, and smartboard exercises for students.
  • Assisting young individuals with their English skills so they may engage in talks and debates about their professions.
  • Constructing exercises and tests students who require feedback after class. 
  • Being a school teacher setting up exhibits in the classroom and making parents informed about their children's development.
  • Assisting kids in learning to read, write and communicate in English, while providing a good classroom climate so students had sufficient opportunity to engage with everyone.
  • Educating students on how to compose sentences with five-paragraph essays in an appropriate structure.
English Teacher
International School of Amsterdam, Netherland
  • Applied lot of activities like songs, reading materials, arts, and other activities relevant to monthly theme.
  • Prepared monthly teaching schedules and pupil assessments.
  • Organized other instructors with weekly, or monthly programs for the students.  
  • Support children in fulfilling state and national requirements by developing cross-curricular training methods, which also serve to successfully train kids for state tests.
  • More than 50% of pupils' multi-subject academic achievement improved as a result of using information from formative and summative exams.
  • For the sake of open discussion and a unified front is based on student achievement, created, managed, and formed new connections with students, families, management, and staff.


B.A in English Language and Culture
Leiden University
GPA: 3.9


TEFL certification, Netherlands


3906 AG Veenendaal, Netherlands

Professional Development Trainer
Interactive White Boards
Microsoft Office
Viewpoint Software
Team Building
Lesson Planning