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Teaching Assistant Resume Sample

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George M. Clark

Teaching Assistant

Motivated, compassionate and accountable teaching assistant for special schooling instructors and inclusive classrooms. Customizing teaching to fit the requirements and cognitive styles of each student. Help students with a range of specific needs and make a significant contribution to maximize learner participation and enhance tailored support.


Teaching Assistant
Dallas Independent School District, Texas
  • Introduced after-school coaching courses for children who are lagging behind in their studies. In addition to one-on-one tutoring and a collection of books, the free program gives group lessons, homework assistance, snacks.
  • Attend to pupils' needs throughout sessions, lunch breaks, and transport journeys.
  • Create posters and educational packages for instructors to notify families about school functions.
  • Managed kids and employees at lunch, recesses and assemblies by ensuring the protection of students.
  • Administered and evaluated exams and answered questions as required, gathered and ranked tests at the end of the specified time.
  • Preparing teaching materials and worksheets for educators to give to students.
Teaching Assistant
Bastrop Independent School District, Texas
  • Parent-teacher meetings were scheduled and queries were answered on account of the instructor.
  • For everyday classes, created and produced teaching resources, like worksheets and audio-visual tools.
  • In addition, mentored children who had exceptional needs, such as those who had learning impairments or language difficulty.
  • Supported teachers and students in a variety of ways; helped disabled children with classroom education, task implementation, and language development.
  • Offering help to teachers and involving students in learning exercises and proper behavior to maximize their grasp of lessons.
  • Improved standardized test scores by up to 40 per cent each kid per year by supporting children in achieving cognitive advancement landmarks, ranging from language development and interpersonal skills.


B.S. in Education
Texas State University

(EC-6 Core Subjects with Bilingual)


General Educational Development (GED) certificate

1361 Beeghley Street

Mount Calm, TX 76673                     

Developing Materials
Delivering Lectures
Grading Papers
Learning Strategies
Reading Comprehension
Computer Skills