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Substitute Teacher Resume Sample

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Dina L. Lee

Substitute Teacher

Compassionate and loving substitute Teacher K-12 with 6 plus years of effective expertise dealing with children. The competence to develop and operate in a solid team concept framework, both individually and cooperatively. Strong work ethic, communication, social, and collaboration skills. Exceptional inspiration and assisting in a practical setting where I can put my degree, expertise, and managerial talents to use in a professional job situation.


Substitute Teacher
St. Andrew Catholic School, Cape Coral, Florida
  • Modified teachers and instructional resources for a variety of students' learning styles, requirements, and interests.
  • Assigning and implementing norms for student behavior and methods for ensuring order among them.
  • Conveying concerns about kids' conduct and educational achievement to parents or guardians, other instructors, counselors.
  • In accordance with applicable laws as well as school district rules and administrative procedures, keep appropriate student data.
  • Students' progression is assessed by creating and evaluating quizzes and homework projects.
  • Teaching one or more topics, like English, Maths , or Social Studies, via lectures, debates, and demonstrations.
  • Defined objectives for every class, modules, and assignments to students.
Substitute Teacher
Franklin Academy Foundation, Inc - Boynton Beach, Florida
  • Developed and coordinated teaching material in the unavailability of the teacher.
  • In addition, staying in constant contact with parents, students, and other educators.
  • Use better judgment at all times to behave in the best interest of pupils.
  • Discovered the most effective teaching processes and technologies for fulfilling lesson goals.
  • Understanding and following instructions from experienced teachers.
  • Techniques for punishing students and evaluating academic performances.
  • K-12 grades were successfully completed to provide a basic educational setting.


Associate's Degree in Arts
College of Central Florida


  • Humanities
  • Social science,
  • History
  • Psychology
  • Anthropology
  • Mathematics

Exceeded in classroom coursework

Certifications and Licenses

Florida Professional Certificate
Florida Teacher Certification Examinations (FTCE)

876 Ridenour Street

West Palm Beach, FL 33401                     

Special Education
Creative Thinking Skills
Problem Solving
Classroom Management
Teaching Strategies