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Food Service Manager Resume Sample

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Mark W. Peters

Food Service Manager

A committed and enthusiastic individual seeking a role as Food Service Manager at Incognito Catering Company. Using 8+ years of foodservice knowledge and understanding that food products comply with nutritional requirements and are displayed in a visually appealing way.


Food Service Manager
PepsiCo, Denver, CO
  • Enhanced the quality management audit rating by nearly 50%.
  • By modifying staffing depending on anticipated customers and worker attributes, we were able to decrease location labor costs by 4.8 percent, ensuring suitable and high productivity.
  • Employee engagement in the university has accelerated by 10%.
  • Functioned as the area's quality and security leader.
  • A strategic approach to achieving zero workplace accidents.
  • Temperatures on the serving path and in the fridge were reviewed to verify food storage and protection.
  • Accountable for the excellence of the dining room's accountability and functionality.
  • Ascertained that the restaurant facility account position remained 10% underspent while revitalizing the food menu to surpass all Army food-service quality.
  • Guided and instructed a team of 35 to 45 employees who obtained recognition from the management staff for their high-quality functions.
Food Service Manager
Marriott International, Inc, Golden, CO
  • Menu items were scheduled and investigated to keep a good variety.
  • Coordinated two employees in the kitchen and food service feature.
  • To ensure proper nutritional benefit, collaborated with a dietician in the advancement of menus.
  • Purchased all of the food and interacted with the suppliers.
  • Developing positive customer service and resolving all customers' problems.
  • Responsible for the café foodservice system, which serves around 350 customers per day.
  • Recruited, trained, and monitored 30 people.
  • In charge of food stock levels, device inventories, and records management.
  • Authorized food preparation, presentation, and clean working conditions.
  • Arranged staff, bank deposits were manufactured, and payments were encountered.
  • Attended staff meetings and training classes on a regular basis.
  • Sales boosted by 4% last year as a result of dedication, excellent service, and a proactive approach to requests.


Bachelor of Business Administration in Food Business Management
Colorado State University, CO


Certified Professional - Food Safety (CP-FS)
Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS)
Food Safety Manager Certification
Certified Dietary Manager (CDM)
Certified Food Manager (CFM)

4781 Sampson Street

Table Mesa, CO 80303                     

Maintain Workstation
Reservation Scheduling
Point of Sale Systems
Inventory Management
Food Knowledge
Food Expediting
Handling Money
Situational Awareness