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Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Resume Sample

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Vera D. Mitchell

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

A committed CNA graduate looking to apply nursing care and advocacy abilities in a nursing home at New Horizons Community Hospital. Prior internship expertise giving adequate healthcare to 20plus elderly people. 


Certified Nursing Assistant
Garden Grove Hospital
  • Allocated CNA personnel to learn about contagious diseases and infection prevention methods.
  • Instructed patients and family members on the basis of their medical issues.
  •  Instructed to obey Confidentiality Health Insurance Portability and Accountability standards by non-medical workers.
  • Empowered medical personnel and patients to provide considerate care and concern.
  • Supervised a group of 10plus CNAs, when the nurse manager is not present.
  • Established measures that reduced improper drug delivery by 99.5%.
  • Constructed a streamlined process that enhanced patient satisfaction and medication delivery.
Certified Nursing Assistant
Grand Willow Clinic
  • Clinical abilities included checking vital indicators doing lab tests and glucose assessments, and conducting post-operative treatment.
  • Conformed to safety rules and finished the three-hour Patient Care Training Course at the hospital.
  • Keeping complete medical records and informing the hospital staff on patients' conditions guaranteed the correct and prompt information transfer.
  • Assisting seniors with everyday activities such as food preparation, transferring with support equipment washing, clothing, and grooming.
  • Monitor strict respect and satisfaction when doing tasks like bedpan replacements, changing diapers, cleaning drainage bags, and washing.
  • Recognized for record accuracy, excellent team cooperation, patient interactions, and efficient quality of compassionate care.


Bachelor of Science in nursing
Northeast Texas Community College

60 hours Medical Training

Licenses & Certifications

Nurse Aide Program
Patient Care Technician Program
State Tested Nursing assistant (STNA)
Basic Life Support (BLS) certification
CPR certification

243 Fancher Drive

Dallas, TX 75247                     

administrative record keeping
Patient safety regulations
Keep medical data
Supervising new staff
Electronic documentation
Empathetic care
Follow Protocols
Time management